Why a Retreat ?

Why a Retreat?

Retreats have become very popular in the last years and are offered around the whole world. What is so compelling to go on a retreat? Who could benefit from a retreat? Why are retreats so important these days? Let’s have a look to find out why retreats are more than just a current hype.

What does retreat mean?

To retreat literally means moving back or withdrawing from something. In common use retreat means a withdrawal from daily life, to pause from the demands of everyday life and from tasks that we are usually consumed with. Most retreats offer various activities in a structured daily schedule with the aim to let go of the usual routines for a certain period of time and to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing. The reduction of distractions and external stimulations are key aspects of a retreat.

Who benefits from a retreat?

There are many benefits to go on a retreat, which can range from a yoga holiday retreat on a beautiful island such as Bali to a meditation retreat in a monastery.

A retreat can be great if you…

  • like to press the pause button and retreat from your daily routine.
  • long for relaxation and like to recharge your batteries.
  • have the feeling to loose yourself in the hectic of everyday life
  • like to deepen your yoga and meditation practice.
  • wish to reconnect to your intuition and have more awareness.
  • face a turning point in your current life and like to contemplate on what matters in your life and how to move forward with inspiration and clarity.

What is included in a Retreat?

Contents, structure and schedule vary in different traditions and depend on the retreat leader or organizer. A traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation retreat for example includes long hours of daily meditations and silence which can be very transformational yet are likely to be challenging for many people. Retreats can also have more of a holiday vibe where you combine different activities such as Yoga and surfing or Yoga and wellness. In many cases there are movement practices such as Yoga or Chi Gong, meditation, healing modalities and self reflection included in a retreat.

Why is it so important to do a Retreat?

Nowadays we are facing a hectic daily routine, challenges in private and business life and long lasting periods of stress. This can lead to the feeling that we loose touch with ourselves, feel disconnected and under pressure. It is so important that we pull the emergency break button early enough to recharge our batteries and bring back balance to body, mind and soul.

A retreat creates more space and clarity for the mind, but it also increases our awareness of the body and its needs. It is a great opportunity to have a well deserved break – ideally in a beautiful surrounding – and meet like-minded people. The time of the retreat can help us to find out what is really important in our lives and what we need to live in harmony and balance. A retreat is often an initial spark to create change and has a lot of potential for personal and spiritual growth.

Are you ready for a Retreat at Udara?

 The Udara Yoga retreat packages allow you to dive deeper into your yoga and mediation practice with up to 8 classes a day. Pick your favourite classes lead by experienced Western and Indonesian teachers ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin to Aerial yoga and more. Daily massages such as Balinese massages, Hot Stone or Yoga stretch massages help you to release tension in the body and relax deeply. Healthy, delicious meals in our Organic Ocean Restaurant will surely make your tummy feel happy as well! You have access to the amazing Spa facilities with Sauna, steam room, warm and cold pools and sun beds right at the beach in front of Udara. Meet interesting people from all over the world and connect to the warm hearted Balinese who will greet you with their beautiful smiles.

We offer you the flexibility to choose your own starting date and length of stay. Send us an email if you wish to receive more information or book directly through our website to get the best rates.

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10 Detox Hacks for Daily Life

Did you know that there are simple and effective healthy lifestyle and detox hacks that you can include in you daily life? Our bodies are wonders of nature that constantly renew themselves and work relentlessly to detox. But we can do our bodies a great favour when we support them with a few simple health and wellness practices. Some of them just take a few minutes and after a while become a very natural part of your routine.

Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of fresh lemon water early morning on empty stomach helps you to boost digestion and the lymphatic system, preparing the body for the food intake and helping to eliminate toxins first thing in the morning. Even though lemon tastes acidic, it is alkaline-forming when digested past the stomach. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm (or room-temperature) water and drink it slowly, about 20-30 minutes before you have your breakfast.

Tongue Scraper

Tongue scraping is an ancient practice in Ayurveda – one of the oldest healing systems in the world – that is becoming more and more common. Simply by gliding a tongue scraper on your tongue a few times, starting at the back of your mouth and moving it forward, you are eliminating debris and dead cells that can build and leave a coating on your tongue. If not removed, this bacterial coating can be a culprit behind bad breath.

Oil Pulling

Another Ayurvedic daily detox practice is oil pulling: swishing oil in your mouth for dental care and detoxification. Oil pulling can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy, avoid bad breath and it has a whitening effect on your teeth. It is even supposed to help cure skin conditions like acne and eczema, sinus congestion or headaches. The oil pulling helps to draw toxins from the blood through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Do the oil pulling in the mornings before eating. Take 1 tablespoon of organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil into your mouth. Swish it around like a mouthwash and pull it through your teeth. You can do chewing like movements to stimulate salvation. You can start with 5 minutes (especially if you find the taste or sensation of the oil unpleasant) and gradually build up to 20 minutes. Time passes quicker when you engage in other activities during the oil pulling such as showering, putting on clothes or preparing breakfast.

Once the oil has become saturated with debris and toxins, it will become whitish and develop a thinner consistency as it is mixed with the saliva. Spit the oil either in your garden or in a paper towel to discard it in the trash. Do not swallow the oil and do not spit it into the sink as it will clog the pipes. Rinse you moth with warm water after the oil pulling and brush your teeth.

Nasal Cleanse 

Nasal Cleanse (neti) is one of the Yogic cleansing techniques (shat karmas). A special pot (either ceramic or plastic) is filled with warm salt water and inserted into one nostril while you bow over a sink. The water will then flow out the other nostril, helping to relieve sinus congestion, expel dirt particles, dust and pollen (good for allergy sufferers) and clear the nasal passages. Switch to the other nostril after half of the water has flown through.

After applying it a few times you will become used to this practice and become familiar with the positioning of the pot and the head so that the water can easily flow through. You can buy the pots in Yoga shops, pharmacies or health stores. You can even buy pre-measured salt packets for an easy use. For your own mixture, mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 2 cups of water, stir it well and fill it in the neti pot.

Dry Skin Brushing

Brushing your skin is a great detox tool to boost circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate the skin and energize the body. The skin is one of the mayor detox organs of the body and we can assist it with this daily practice, best done in the morning before you have shower. Use a brush with natural bristles, which you can buy at health food stores or online. Start with the limbs and brush towards the heart with stokes or circular movements. The pressure should be firm but not painful; avoid scrubbing as this might pierce the skin. Exclude any sensitive areas such as genital area, face and wounds or varicose veins. For best results, brush 5-20 minutes. You will feel invigorated afterwards and your skin will be slightly pink after brushing.

Detox Baths

Bathing can be very soothing, nurturing and relaxing. You can create your own beautiful bathing ritual with candles, aroma oil diffusers and soft music. For a salt detox bath, we recommend soaking in the tub for 20-30 minutes in the evening. It helps to open your pores, balance pH levels, expel toxins and your body will absorb magnesium which assists in relaxing the muscles, lowering stress hormones and promoting restful sleep. Take a salt bath at least once a week.

For a full tub of water add the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)
  • ½ cup of baking soda (aluminium-free)
  • 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil

Regular Exercise

Besides a healthy diet, exercise and moving your body is another important foundational pillar for health and wellbeing to keep your body strong and flexible, but also to keep your cardiovascular system in great shape.

The deep breathing during exercise will help to empty the lungs of unneeded carbon dioxide and allow for a fresh breath of more oxygenated air to nourish all your cells. At the same time, with a better circulation of blood and lymphs, you will feel more alive whilst helping the liver and lymphs to do their job of detoxification. Many toxins will be eliminated through your skin by sweating during exercise and your digestive system will work even better with consistent exercise.

If you haven’t exercised a lot before, start slowly. Instead of doing a workout once a week for 90 minutes, schedule several shorter periods of time during the week. Dancing, swimming, martial arts, trekking, bouldering or Yoga are great ways to move your body besides than just working out at the gym. Keep your workouts balanced and find easy, practical ways to include regular movement into your life.

Massages or other forms of Bodywork

Pamper yourself regularly with massages or other forms of bodywork. Massages will help you to relieve muscular tension in improve circulation, especially when you do lots of exercise or feel stiff from a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Choose a trustworthy massage therapist who is able to adjust the pressure and massage technique to your individual needs. Besides traditional forms of massages, there are various holistic treatments available that help you to keep your body and mind well balanced such as lymphatic drainage, reflexology, acupuncture, shiatsu, chiropractic sessions and other healing modalities such as Reiki, chakra clearing or sound healing.

Getting enough Sleep

Did you know that most of the body processes for restoration and renewal happen in periods of rest? A good night’s sleep is necessary for our health because our cells repair themselves more rapidly during the night. And since you are not taking any meals during sleep, your digestive system gets a break and the digestion and elimination processes can catch up. Sleeping is also a natural “detox” for our minds, so that it can sort and integrate the experiences from the day.

Declutter your Space

Take time regularly to detox your physical environment. Are there stacks of mail, receipts, newspapers and notes on your desk that hold you back from working with clarity and focus? Is your closet filled with clothes that you haven’t been wearing in the last year? Are there material things that you have collected over years but they do not have any value and meaning for you any more? Take regular inventory of all that surrounds you in your home and work space. Let go of anything unnecessary and decide what is really important for you to keep. Keep things in order and keep your home clean. This will free up space both in your physical environment but also on a mental and energetic level.

Are your ready for a deeper dive into detox and like to commit to a thorough cleanse for body and mind? Have a look at one of our 5 detox programs at Udara.

Cacao Kirtan, ceremonies, udara bali

Cacao Ceremonies

By Martina Reinbold, Yoga teacher & Wellness Coach at Udara

Udara is becoming a hub for conscious events in Canggu and we are proud to say that our twice monthly cacao ceremonies have become very popular in just a short time. You might ask yourself why people create such hype around cacao these days and what you can expect when you participate in a ceremony. Let’s shed some light on the magic of cacao!

Bringing cacao ceremonies to Canggu
When I lived in Ubud – the current mekka for Yoga, healing and self-development – I joined many Cacao ceremonies as private events and as big gatherings e.g. during the Bali Spirit Festival. After moving to the Canggu area I started missing these ceremonies and the connection to a crowd of like-minded people, so I proposed to guide cacao ceremonies at Udara. Why not creating our own ceremonies, experiencing magical evenings and create uplifting community? Luckily the whole team was very open and supportive.

Within a short time, we were able to gather an enthusiastic band with vocals, harmonium (Martina), guitars (Adi and Gus Wira) and Djembe (Gusti), all members of the Udara family. In the background there is a dedicated team taking care of the logistics of preparing the Cacao, setting up the space with opulent decoration and magnificent mandalas, so we could instantly manifest magical evenings. I was amazed how the energy becomes so strong during these events and how the participants, my fellow musicians and I feel so uplifted, touched and opened afterwards.

The magic formula of Udara’s cacao ceremonies
In our ceremonies we blend chanting spiritual English songs with traditional Sanskrit Mantras, we drink the Cacao as a sacred ritual, pray, meditate and share about our experiences and feelings in a conscious way. It is a beautiful coming together in a sacred space that allows for true connection to each other and to something much vaster than our individual selves. I feel honored to guide people through these experiences and help them set powerful intentions, open their hearts and find their joy and authenticity through singing and sharing.

Cacao and its benefits
Cacao has been used in ceremonies since thousands of years, especially in Central and Southern America for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Nowadays Cacao Ceremonies are becoming more and more popular in Yoga communities all over the world. Theobroma Cacao, the botanical name for the plant, is translated as the food for the Gods and is attributed with promoting inner awakening, creative guidance, heart opening and healing. As a super food it is rich in iron, magnesium and b-vitamins, improving immune functions, enhancing concentration and giving an energy boost. It is a natural plant medicine that induces feel-good hormones in our blood stream yet without any hallucinations or psychedelic effects.

Ceremonial grade Cacao from Bali
In Bali we are blessed to find high quality raw Cacao that we blend in the ceremonies with local spices such as Ginger, Cinnamon and Coconut sugar for additional sweetness. When I tasted the ceremonial Cacao for the first time, I was surprised how rich and intense it was. It is very different from the sweet Cacao that we usually drink with warm milk. The ceremonial Cacao is much rawer and thicker in consistency.
Ubud Raw, a local chocolate factory where we buy the ceremonial grade cacao for our ceremonies at Udara, has made a beautiful video of the cacao production here. Make sure to check out Ubud Raw’s stores in Ubud and Canggu to taste their high-vibe cacao creations.

Tradition and Progression
In the Yoga and spiritual communities, we are often faced with the question of how to balance tradition and modern lifestyle. How to honor the shamanic traditions of the Mayans and Aztecs yet adapting the ceremony to a contemporary way without neglecting the deeply spiritual aspect of it? Is it just a trendy thing in yoga communities to get “high” on cacao and will it be forgotten again in a few years?

After having worked now for several years teaching yoga and co-facilitating retreats, it felt like a natural progression for me to hold space at these ceremonies and guide the participants through their experience, even though I have never been to South or Central America to join a traditional cacao ceremony.

For me it is the combination of singing, meditating, sharing and performing rituals in a sacred space that creates a recipe for a memorable evening. Anyone is welcome to cacao ceremony, no matter which religious belief or cultural background they have. I believe that it is immensely important to create our own rituals, lift each other up and bring more spirituality into our daily lives. And the cacao might just bring an extra spark to the whole experience where we come together and celebrate the divine in all forms.

Visit our Udara Facebook page for event details or contact us for more information.


Why Detox?

By Violetta Petrenko, Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher at Udara

When I got into the topic of nutrition, I was wondering how many different opinions about detox people have. Is it useful? Do we need to detox? Does detox actually work?

Cleansing for a healthy body

Let’s think logically. Do you dust your house or wash your clothes? If you don’t, it gets dirty. And it’s the same with our body. We clean our teeth daily, we bathe and wash our hair daily or every other day and we like to look and smell clean because it makes us feel better. Similarly, a detox is like an internal cleanse.

A sad fact in today’s modern culture is that everyone’s body is toxic. Many people understand that pollution and poor air quality are an important issue, but often it remains an abstract concept until a person is directly affected. Nevertheless, much attention is paid to the issue of contamination of food and beverages, as eating and drinking is the most important necessity that makes up the life of every person.

The need to detox in modern times

Different researchers propose that the average person carries more than 700 known toxins in their body within all organ systems including blood, skin, brain tissue, liver, fat tissue and digestive tract. Any one of these toxins may increase the risk of developing chronic illness and cancer.

Detoxification is what your body does naturally to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins. It is a primary function of the body, constantly working and interacting with all other functions of the body. Detox is about improving and optimizing the function of your body’s own detoxification systems. This is done by decreasing the amount of toxins we put into our bodies while at the same time supporting our body’s detoxification and elimination systems with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

My life changing experience with detox

It is totally up to you if you want to experience detox or not. For me personally – my own detox experience was life changing. It turned my lifestyle to positive way and had great affect on my overall health, mood and even life philosophy.

How toxins end up in our foods

Harmful substances contained in the emissions of industrial enterprises and thermal power plants, in the exhaust gases of cars, are deposited on the ground. Penetrated into the soil, toxic metals are absorbed by the roots of plants and then come to our table as food contaminants. Gradually accumulating in the human body, harmful substances can cause serious diseases.

In addition to industrial enterprises and motor vehicles, the soil and the crops growing on it poison various kinds of fertilizers and toxic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.). Contamination of food by radionuclide and nitrates, contrary to a very widespread opinion, is extremely rare.

Pollution from the environment (soil, sediments, water, and air) gets into the food web by polluting plants or animals that come in contact with environmental pollution. For example, water pollution may accumulate and concentrate in fish. Fish may be consumed by birds and other animals and the pollution gets transferred through the food chains until it reaches humans. By the time the polluted meat or fish reaches humans, the pollution may be substantially increased compared to the original concentration.

The meat that people consume in food, in addition to all of the above – absorbed along with the plants’ harmful substances – is very likely to be polluted with antibiotics that cattle are stuffed with for prevention (in response, a person develops resistance to many drugs, which makes it difficult to treat infectious diseases); growth and sex hormones as well as death hormones resulting from the slaughter of animals.

Thus, human intoxication cases may be serious and regular detox is highly recommended for us living in these modern times, as the conditions and quality of our environment, our food and drinks has changed a lot compared to previous generations.


Finding your way through the Yoga Jungle

By Martina Reinbold

Yoga teacher & Wellness Coach at Udara

When I was asked to write down descriptions of the Yoga classes here at Udara last year, I realized how many different Yoga styles we offer and that it really needed an overview for people to find out what the classes are about. Hotel guests and drop-in participants can join 5 to 8 classes daily in various Yoga styles. There are about 20 different classes on the schedule ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa, Happy Healing Flow to Healing Pranayama, Yin to Aerial Yoga and more. The teacher team is a mix of local and western Yoga instructors with lots of experience. This is a great opportunity to get to know each teacher’s flavour and understanding of Yoga.

Writing down the Yoga class descriptions was an interesting task for me as a teacher, as I was attending many classes lead by other teachers, practiced Yoga styles that I wouldn’t usually be drawn to and got to read what the teachers themselves wrote about their way of teaching. I realized how confusing it can be as a newcomer to Yoga what style and which teacher suits best for the own body, personality and intention of the practice.

Why are there so many Yoga styles?

The basic way of practicing Yoga in India was to stay with a teacher for several years and to learn from a certain lineage of teaching that was handed over from one teacher to another. The various styles of Yoga, especially in the West, have grown exponentially in the last decades. This change has happened for a good reason in order to meet the needs and interests of the people living in this age, to make Yoga popular and accessible to anybody. On the other hand, it also gave way to a development where Yoga became a big business, a platform for various glamorous Yoga teachers to put their own stamp (or trademark) on Yoga, and fancy new styles have been invented which some traditional Indian Yogis might not even recognize as Yoga any more.

What is Yoga anyway?

The common definition of Yoga is union – bringing body, mind and soul back into unison. Yoga can be a physical practice to stretch and strengthen the body, mainly with body postures (asanas). But it can go much further than that and become a lifestyle and practice for personal and spiritual growth which aims to bring us long lasting health, happiness and freedom. Breathing techniques, meditation, cleansing practices, study of scriptures and listening to the teachings of a spiritual teacher can fall under the umbrella of Yoga.

My own definition of Yoga has changed greatly over the years. It indeed started as a gymnastic exercise and has now become a big part of my lifestyle. I am glad that I met inspiring teachers on the way who showed me that Yoga goes way beyond the physical level. To me, Yoga is an invitation. And invitation to connect to the core of your being and to connect to something much vaster than yourself – call it the divine, God, universe or source.

How to find a suitable class?

As a new student, ask yourself the following questions before you head out on your quest to find a suitable class: Why do I want to practice Yoga? Is it just to become fit and to have a lean body? Am I more interested in the holistic aspects of Yoga including meditations, philosophy and knowing how the wisdom gained through Yoga can translate into my daily life? Do I have certain injuries or physical conditions that could limit my practice? Is the teacher well qualified, do I like the way he teaches, do I feel safe in his class and do I trust him? Does he live what he teaches?

The best way to answer these questions is to try out various classes with several teachers, to ask fellow students about their experiences, to inquire with the Yoga teachers, consult your doctor if necessary (especially if you have any injuries or medical conditions), to read about Yoga and to use your common sense.

If you wish to have an active, dynamic practice, then Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Flow classes might be the best for you. A well rounded practice is usually the Hatha Yoga with a moderate pace and breathing exercises (pranayama) or meditations to complement the physical postures (asanas). Yin or Restorative classes are a great way to slow down and focus on long held stretches, especially when you have a very active lifestyle. These are just to name a few styles and of course there is much more on our schedule to explore. Have a look at our class descriptions on this page:

You are welcome to practice Yoga with us

Udara’s Yoga classes are open for all levels of practitioners. If you are new to Yoga, let the teacher know in advance to make sure he will have an extra caring eye on so you feel safe and welcome in the class. And what is better to dive deep into your yoga practice when you look at and hear the ocean in front of you from one of our amazing Yoga shalas!

Udara is a great place to have all kinds of Yoga styles in one place and to meet various inspiring teachers. You can spend your whole day practicing Yoga from morning meditation to evening candlelight Yin Yoga. And the good thing is that when your body needs a well deserved rest, you can float in our warm water pool, go to the Sauna or Steam room and book a nurturing massage treatment in our Sky Spa on the third floor. As a drop-in guest you can buy a Spa day pass and also refuel in our Organic Ocean Restaurant with health and delicious meals and drinks.

How different Yoga styles have enriched my own practice

I see very good reasons to stick with one tradition in order to go deeper and to be guided by one teacher who sees your progress and gives you the right tools to explore higher levels your practice. On the other hand it is also very valuable to keep your practice fresh by attending different classes, to learn other techniques, poses and ways of doing them, to get new inspiration and stay committed to the practice, especially when you have been practicing for some years. If you are used to practice a very active, dynamic style of Yoga, why not complement it with a Yin Yoga class regularly, where you hold the postures for several minutes in stillness. If you are used to sit in silent meditation, why not try the Osho Kundalini Meditation, in which you include movement of the body (shaking and dancing) as a tool to clear your mind.

Teaching and taking classes at Udara have brought me lots of new inspiration for my own practice. I love the fact that Yoga can also be playful and fun – it does not always have to be too serious! Hanging upside down in the Aerial Yoga hammock for example or doing Yoga in a 35 degree warm water pool allows me to move my body in different ways and brings more lightness and joy into my practice as well as into my teaching. I love joining classes of other teachers and being a student again. Even after being a Yoga teacher since many years now I enjoy the fact that I will always continue learning and that Yoga will be part of my life no matter of how old I am.

Why is Yoga such a jewel?

That’s the beauty of Yoga – you don’t need to bring your leg behind the head and you can do it regardless of your flexibility and age. A good teacher should respect all the different intentions why people come to class and offer various options to modify the practice if needed.

In my teaching I wish to share that Yoga can be a valuable tool to bring more balance between body, breath and mind, which ripples out into your life off the mat. Sometime you may realize that the jewel of Yoga reveals its beauty in ways you have never imagined before when you stepped on your mat for the first time. It can accompany you throughout you whole life and you can adjust your practice in ever changing ways according to your intention, time, body and life situation.

Happy practicing!

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10 Reasons why to stay at Udara Bali during your Bali holidays

Bali has become a magnet for tourists and in the same way, the offers of holtels, spas and yoga schools have exploaded to welcome tourists on this island. We know that it can be overwhelming when you plan your holidays in Bali to find the right place to stay. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi who doesn’t want miss their practice during the holiday season or if you are a conscious traveler who wants to stay in a beautiful place by the ocean close to traditional village life, have a look at our 10 reasons why you should definitifely stay at Udara for a few days or even weeks. Udara is an integrated health and wellness resort and provides you with all the facilities and experiences that make your holidays memorable, inspiring and blissful. We can’t wait to welcome you soon!

  1. The Location
    So, you love Yoga, healthy living and planned your trip to Bali. And you’ve heard that Ubud is the capital of Yoga in Bali, but guess what’s missing there? The ocean! Udara is located in a small fisherman village nestled between the ocean and beautiful rice paddies. It’s easy to reach with only 23 kilometers from the airport and 15 minutes drive from Canggu. Get the best of both worlds – glimpses of the traditional Balinese village life and easy access to shops and restaurants in the lively centre of Canggu with our free shuttle which goes 4 times a day. You can even walk on the beach about 25 minutes to reach Batu Bolong beach, and the famous Tanah Lot temple is just 15 minutes drive away. At Udara you can either chill on bean bags next to the pools or on sun beds right at the ocean, watching the locals catch their fish and the kids playing with their kites.
  2. The free Yoga classes
    All Yoga classes on the daily schedule are free for our hotel guests – and there is plenty to choose from! 5 to 8 classes daily classes feature different styles and various teachers to make sure you’ll find more balance for your body, breath and mind. You are welcome both as a beginner in Yoga as well as an advanced Yogi to deepen your practice. Maybe you want to try a Yoga style that you haven’t encountered before such as a Happy Healing Flow, Healing Pranayama or Aerial Yoga? Our teachers are eager to share their knowledge and guide you into stretching and strengthening the body, breathing deeply and relaxing the mind.
  3. The amazing Yoga Shalas
    When you fly all the way to the tropical island of Bali, you surely don’t want to practice Yoga in a closed, sticky room with windows, right? Our classes take place in four spacious, breezy Yoga Shalas with ocean view. Connect to the sound of the waves, feel the breeze on your skin and breathe the ocean air as you dive deep into your practice. A highlight of your stay might be one of the Aerial classes on the third floor while the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, experiencing a floating feeling of freedom and weightlessness.
  4. Individual Detox programs
    You have always thought about doing a detox, but did not know how and did not want to it alone at home? Good for you, because we designed 5 individual programs that vary between 4 and 30 days. Whether you want to do a short detox to kickstart your wellbeing or a longer program to really go deep into a self-healing process of body and mind, our wellness coaches are there to support you through your detox journey. We offer special detox meals, either a liquid cleanse with juices, smoothies and soups or a high vibe raw food detox, complemented with natural supplements, daily spa treatments and much more.
  5. Healthy food options
    If you are not up for a detox, but rather love to indulge in fresh, colorful and delicious meals at our on site Organic Ocean Restaurant, you are in the right place. We serve Asian/Western cuisine fresh from the earth and sea with a focus on healthy, fresh and organic vegan, vegetarian and seafood dishes. The Juice Pool Bar turns fresh fruit all year round into the tastiest juices and smoothies, ranging from piña colada mocktails to green juices. Although Canggu is clearly famous for its restaurant scene, you actually do not need to go out, as you can nourish your body and soul all day long with yummy meals and drinks. Do not leave without trying the Falafel bowl or the Golden Healing Smoothie!
  6. Flexible Yoga Retreat Packages
    Our Yoga packages are great if you love to design your own flexible Yoga retreat. It means you can choose when you arrive and how long you stay. You can choose the yoga styles and teachers that you prefer from our extensive schedule. You decide if you practice yoga in the morning, afternoon, evening or during the whole day! You can choose if you like to meet new people on one of our community tables or if you love to have some time-out by yourself. You will be pampered with daily massages and full board with breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks and dinner. Two weekly excursions to beautiful sites are included in the Yoga package which allow you to connect to the beautiful nature and culture of Bali.
  7. Uniquely designed Spa Area
    There are not many places that have such a unique architecture as our Spa area which surprises you with beautiful carvings and statues, caves, small pathways and sounds of dripping waters and transport you into a different world. Udara spa features warm and cold pools, Jacuzi, Sauna, Steam room and a meditation cave. Reactivate your senses with a aroma oil sauna infusion, listening to relaxing music as you float in the warm water pool, feel the bubbling water on your skin as you soak in the jacuzi and admire the beautiful wooden art as you look up to the ceiling above Kurma the turtle. Can you believe that the Sauna is in the belly of a huge stone turtle? Come and see it with your own eyes!
  8. Water Healing Session
    Have you ever heard about Water Healing or Watsu? You will be blissfully floating in 35 degree warm water in the arms of a therapist for a full hour. Water Healing combines elements of massage, joint mobilization and stretches which frees the body in ways that are impossible on land. You might experience such a deep level of relaxation and letting go that you have never encountered before. There are only a few places in Bali that have a warm water Watsu pool, so don’t miss this opportunity to float into bliss!
  9. Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing
    Every Sunday the big Yoga Shala becomes a dancefloor and welcomes you for two hours of Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing. These events are free for the community and have become a magnet for expats, tourists and locals alike. The music that is offered by our live DJ ranges from electronic dance music to World Music with a wide variety of musical genres. Leave your mind, words, shoes and phones at the doorstep and enter a sacred space where you can express yourself authentically through movement. Follow the waves of the music and feel how your body wants to move in its own unique way before you eventually lie down to receive live sound healing with a variety of instruments from Tibetan singing bowls to chimes and drums. Let yourself be carried away by the healing vibrations and sink into a blissful meditative state.
  10. Magical Cacao Ceremonies
    You’ve heard people raving about Cacao Ceremonies and you wonder what it’s all about. Check the events schedule to make sure you catch one of the ceremonies that happen twice a month at Udara. Experience the magic of drinking Cacao in a ritual way, to reflect and share from your heart, set powerful intentions and sing together with a bunch of amazing people and enthusiastic musicians. The opulent setting itself with beautiful mandalas, candles and flowers will immediately lift you up and allow you to experience more joy, connection, bliss and peace. Make sure you reserve your spot in advance, as spaces are limited and fill up very quickly.


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