The Wonders of Aerial Yoga

By Martina Reinbold, Head of Yoga, Detox & Spa

Have you ever tried Yoga with a suspended silk hammock supporting your yoga poses? Aerial Yoga is a relatively new star in the Yoga universe and since a few years it draws more and more attention. Find out in this post about the origins and benefits of this Yoga style and why an Aerial class at Udara should definitely be on your


Our Gut – The Foundation for our Health and Wellbeing

By Violetta Petrenko, Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher at Udara

Modern nutritionists and doctors would say that feeling well and healthy depends greatly on our gut health. Hippocrates, the famous ancient Greek doctor already stated that all disease begins in the gut. In fact, a burdened colon can cause many troubles and diseases: Headaches, sleeping disorders, fatigue, bad breath, sluggish digestion, bloating, skin reactions, allergies and even serious diseases like cancer may be linked to toxicity and blockages in the colon.


What is a Juice Detox?

By Violetta Petrenko

Detoxification (or detox) involves cleansing the body of toxins. In nowadays more and more people are talking about detox and it becomes more and more popular. But not everyone supports the idea of ​​detox programs. Some people say that we have a liver and intestines to cleanse, plus we constantly remove toxins through the skin. This is true, our body does not stop the process of purification for one minute. But how successfully can it do that?


Osho Kundalini Meditation

By Martina Reinbold

“Drop old ideas of meditations, that just sitting underneath a tree with a yoga posture is meditation.” (Osho)

Have you ever tried a meditation where you shake your body and dance? Have you experienced a meditation with music before? In this article we’ll have a closer look at the Osho Kundalini meditation and how meditation can happen when we are immersed in moving our bodies. If you get curious, join us every Friday at 9 am for our free Osho Kundalini meditation at Udara.

Water-healing,-wellness,-udara-bali yoga

Water Healing

By Martina Reinbold

Imagine yourself being floated around in warm water with relaxing sounds of music that comes from underwater, feeling the soft sensations of the water on your skin as your body is being moved around, allowing you to drift away into a deep state of relaxation and to forget about your everyday life.

Water Healing is a form of bodywork performed in a 35 degree (95 °F) warm water pool at Udara. There are only a few places in Bali where you can get this experience, so it is a unique opportunity to receive a session during your stay on this island. The private session with one of our therapists combines elements of massage, joint mobilization and stretches. While you passively receive the session floating in the water, the therapist will support, move and hold your body. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which free the body in ways impossible on land.


Ecstatic Dance

By Martina Reinbold, Yoga teacher and Wellness Coach at Udara

Udara Resort offers free Ecstatic Dance every Sunday from 10.45 am to 12.15 pm as part of the Udara Sunday, followed by a live Sound Healing journey of 45 minutes. In the last year, this event has become very popular and draws a large crowd from expats, tourists and locals to our beachfront resort in Seseh village. The vibe on Sundays at Udara is truly special and we invite you to come and join.
Never been to an Ecstatic Dance before? Great! We’ll share some more information about this dance form with you in this blog article.

Ecstatic dancing is a collective practice has been cultivated throughout human history. But why is it becoming more and more popular nowadays? What draws people from all ages and countries on the dancefloor of Yoga shalas, beaches and festival venues? With this article we like to give you more understanding about the ecstatic dance practice, about its guidelines and benefits.


JAMU: The Ancient Indonesian Art Of Herbal Healing

What is Jamu?

Indonesia is a homeland of herbal medicine or Jamu (or Djamoe), our system of traditional health and beauty treatments based on botanical ingredients. Jamu is a part of an integrated system of inner and outer health and beauty, encompassing powders, pills, herbs, ointments, lotions, cosmetics, massage combined with ancient health rituals — is almost unknown to most Westerners and the secret of Indonesian’s beauty. Whatever your illness is, it can be treated with Indonesian herbal medicines. Nauseous? There is ginger tea to find relief. Skin problems? You will surely get a remedy for that as well.

Jamu represents a centuries old Indonesian ancient herbal medicinal tradition that uses specific, natural ingredients to treat skin and health issues. In Indonesia today, even with the prevalence of western medicine, the government still recognizes Jamu as a medicinal practice with its own set of FDA regulations.


Gus Wira

Yoga Teacher

Who is Gus Wira? You may have already joined his Yoga classes in Udara Bali Detox and Spa, or maybe you follow him on Facebook, but we wanted to know more – about who he is as a Yoga teacher and about his relationship to Yoga and our Udara Cacao & Kirtan Ceremony. We reached out to Gus with a few questions, and now we’re sharing his answers with you to get inspired!


Why a Retreat ?

Why a Retreat?

Retreats have become very popular in the last years and are offered around the whole world. What is so compelling to go on a retreat? Who could benefit from a retreat? Why are retreats so important these days? Let’s have a look to find out why retreats are more than just a current hype.

Juice 6

10 Detox Hacks for Daily Life

Did you know that there are simple and effective healthy lifestyle and detox hacks that you can include in you daily life? Our bodies are wonders of nature that constantly renew themselves and work relentlessly to detox. But we can do our bodies a great favour when we support them with a few simple health and wellness practices. Some of them just take a few minutes and after a while become a very natural part of your routine.

Cacao Kirtan, ceremonies, udara bali

Cacao Ceremonies

By Martina Reinbold, Yoga teacher & Wellness Coach at Udara

Udara is becoming a hub for conscious events in Canggu and we are proud to say that our twice monthly cacao ceremonies have become very popular in just a short time in Bali. You might ask yourself why people create such hype around cacao these days and what you can expect when you participate in a ceremony. Let’s shed some light on the magic of cacao!

Visit our Udara Bali Facebook page for event details or contact us by email or phone for more information.


Why Detox?

By Violetta Petrenko, Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher at Udara

When I got into the topic of nutrition, I was wondering how many different opinions about detox people have. Is it useful? Do we need to detox? Does detox actually work?

Cleansing for a healthy body

Let’s think logically. Do you dust your house or wash your clothes? If you don’t, it gets dirty. And it’s the same with our body. We clean our teeth daily, we bathe and wash our hair daily or every other day and we like to look and smell clean because it makes us feel better. Similarly, a detox is like an internal cleanse.


Finding your way through the Yoga Jungle

By Martina Reinbold

Yoga teacher & Wellness Coach at Udara

When I was asked to write down descriptions of the Yoga classes here at Udara last year, I realized how many different Yoga styles we offer and that it really needed an overview for people to find out what the classes are about. Hotel guests and drop-in participants can join 5 to 8 classes daily in various Yoga styles. There are about 20 different classes on the schedule ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa, Happy Healing Flow to Healing Pranayama, Yin to Aerial Yoga and more. The teacher team is a mix of local and western Yoga instructors with lots of experience. This is a great opportunity to get to know each teacher’s flavour and understanding of Yoga.


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