In Aerial Yoga the postures are practiced with the support of a hammock which allows you to experience a floating feeling of freedom and weightlessness. The weight of the body is either partially or fully supported by the fabric which takes pressure off the spine and joints. Aerial Yoga helps to increase your flexibility, develop strength and increase your breathing capacity.



Hatha Yoga blends physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation into a well-rounded practice. You will stretch and strengthen your body and learn to focus your mind. The slower pace of the class gives space for exploring the proper alignment of each pose and for harmonizing the connection between body, breath and mind.


This flow type of class is connecting poses in a progressive way with a fluid sequence, with a stronger focus on sun salutations, standing and balancing postures. The breath is acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. Vinyasa Yoga helps to increase breath and body awareness while you develop strength and flexibility in a playful, dynamic way.


This class type is a bridge between the slower paced Hatha Yoga and the more dynamic Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga classes. This class includes gentle movements connected to the breath, various stretches as well as opportunities for stillness and reflection.


This class is inspired by the traditional sequence of postures developed by Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, linking the postures together in a flow. It is a stronger and dynamic form of Yoga which includes breathing techniques, alignment focus and bandhas (energy locks) into the practice.


Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of awareness. This powerful tool is designed to give you an experience of reconnecting to your soul and to the universal creative power. In Kundalini we harness the mind and body, consciously combining breath, sacred gestures (mudras), eye focus, energy locks (bandhas) and postures to balance the glandular and nervous system, expand lung capacity and clear mental patterns.


You are going to learn to activate the three different energies within your body (fire - water - wind energy) by various breathing techniques and postures that help to maintain or regain physical health, rebalance your energies and increase your life energy (prana).


Yoga is the interconnection between your body, mind and soul through breathing and poses. In this class, the focus on proper breathing will bring more awareness, internal calmness and increase your energy (prana) into higher levels of consciousness. Correct and aligned poses in the sequences bring more health benefits, self-control, balance and confidence. 


This class includes both a dynamic sequence of Vinyasa Yoga as well as a calm practice of Yin Yoga. Vinyasa is characterized by smooth, seamless movements from one pose to another in coordination with the breath, which gives plenty of space for creativity and dynamic. All kinds of dynamic yoga styles with focus on movement and physical strength are classified into “Yang” Yoga practices. On the other hand, when we practice in a calm way of holding postures for several minutes in stillness with a meditative approach, we call it Yin Yoga. This class honors both aspects of Yang (active, strength, movement) and Yin (passive, relaxation, stillness) in order to balance our internal energies and gain the abundant benefits from Yoga practice for holistic health and well-being.


This class is a combination of breathing exercises (pranayama) and physical postures (asanas). The Healing Flow class is designed to build internal heat, increase life force (prana) and uplift spiritual energy with breathing techniques such as kapalabahti, controlled breath retentions and laughter yoga exercises. The pranayama is then integrated into the sequence of asanas. The practice becomes a healing practice, as it helps removing energy blockages and addresses body, breath and mind at the same time.


In Yin Yoga the postures are held for several minutes in stillness with the support of props and bolsters, thus addressing the deeper layers of the connective tissues and the energetic pathways of the body. The long held deep stretches improve flexibility and stimulate the energy and functions of the organs. This meditative way of practicing allows you to go on a journey within and practice mindfulness. Yin Yoga is great complementary practice for an active lifestyle and other dynamic yoga practices.


In this group class you experience floating someone and being floated in the warm water pool. The sensation of floating on the water surface can help you to let go completely, release stress and nurture yourself on a deep level. You will be safely guided how to support the floating with gentle stretches, massage and being present. Both the receiving and giving is a meditative experience that will instantly bring you back into the present moment.


The Water Yoga class is taught in the 35° (95 °F) warm water pool. The weightlessness and flow that you experience practicing Yoga in water will allow you to find a new sense of softness and fluidity in your body. Poses that require a great amount of strength and balance on land will become easy and graceful when you practice them in the water. The stretches in warm water will also help you to open your tissues in a gentle way.


Water aerobics uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body with a playful workout sequence. The exercises, some of them practiced with foam noodles, provide a gentle cardiovascular training and tone the major muscle groups of your body. It is a fun workout and cooling off in the pool at the same time.


The Kundalini Meditation is a dynamic form of meditation accompanied with music created by the famous Indian spiritual master Osho. The four stages of this 60 minutes practice are shaking, dancing, stillness and relaxation. When we include physical movement into the meditation, it can help to release tension in the body and clear the mind.


The early morning hours invite us to sit down in meditation and to welcome the new day with a clear mind. We practice being fully in the present moment, as we listen to the ocean waves in the background and feel the first sunrays on our skin.


Ecstatic dancing is a collective practice has been cultivated throughout human history. Dancing to music is very grounding and uplifting, especially when you do it together with other people. Ecstatic dance events are differentiated by being a talk free space. The music that is offered by our live DJ ranges from electronic dance music to World Music with a wide variety of musical genres. You won’t be guided how to dance, but rather you are invited to feel how your body wants to move in its own unique way.


Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and body awareness to support functional, graceful movement. The main target areas are the deep internal muscles of the abdomen and back, helping to create stability in the torso, improving our posture and allowing the body to move freely and efficiently.


Acro Yoga combines yoga postures with acrobatic partner play. One partner is lying on the floor as the base and the other practices poses and transitions on top. The work with a partner helps to improve strength and balance as well as building trust. The AcroJam is an open class where you can come with your partner for practicing or make new friends while trying out some of the Acro Yoga basics.


Acro Yoga is about human connection, trust, teamwork and having fun. It’s when two or more people come together achieve something together. Yoga poses will be performed together as partner exercises, usually with one person being the “base” and the other person the “flyer”. This is a guided class where you learn the basics of Acro Yoga with experienced teachers. You do not need to come with a partner to join this class. Acro Yoga will make you believe that humans can fly.


Simply lie down on the floor and close your eyes to receive the sounds in this healing journey. The sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and various other instruments such as chimes and bells help you to deeply relax and slow down your brain waves. Sound healing is based on the principle that everything is vibration and that sound can help us to realign with our innate harmonic state of being. The sounds will help release blockages on physical, emotional and energetic level, increase a sense of wellbeing and expand your consciousness. We might also place singing bowls on your body and use aroma oils during the sound healing session, so it becomes a multi-sensory experience for you.

YIN & SOUND HEALING (Special Event Night)

Slowly unravel and surrender to the nourishment of Yin Yoga supported by live Sound Healing. In this class the Yin postures will allow you to explore the relationship between your body, breath and mind at a deeper level. As you hold each asana in stillness for several minutes, you will be supported in the pose by sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls and various other instruments. As you listen and connect to the beautiful vibration of the sounds, holding the postures for an extended time becomes easier, allowing you to deeply let go and to relax body and mind. The Yin sequence is tailored to target the connective tissues, balance your energy flow and guide you into a deep meditative journey.
* Reservation is requested and spaces are limited.

CACAO CEREMONY & KIRTAN (Special Event Night)

In this heart-opening gathering we connect the magic of sacred Cacao Ceremony and Kirtan. Cacao has been used since thousands of years in central and southern America for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. In Bali we are blessed to find high quality raw cacao to create our own unique ceremonies. Kirtan as a form of devotional and joyful chanting helps us to come together as community and connect to something bigger than ourselves.
We will chant sacred mantras and spiritual songs supported by harmonium, guitar and percussion sounds, set powerful intentions as we drink the sacred cacao, meditate, pray and connect to each other with authentic sharing. Expect a joyful, uplifting experience.
* Reservation is required and spaces are limited.  for more Details check Yoga Schedule.

WIM HOF METHOD (Special Event)

Experience the powerful breathing method developed by the “ice man” Wim Hof that leads you into deep relation and meditative states. You will also learn about its scientifically proven health benefits and how it can improve your productivity, focus, mental clarity and physical performance.