FAQ for Detox website

While many people keep the focus of their cleanse on the physical level, a detox retreat can also be a wonderful time to pause from our busy daily lives, to come back to ourselves and to reassess our current life situation. The reasons for your detox can be both to improve the physical condition as well as for having mental-emotional benefits. Taking time for a detox program means that we truly take care of ourselves. When we realize what hold us back from living a healthy and happy life and when we are much clearer about what is truly important for us, detox processes can also happen on a mental-emotional level. It is a time of letting go what no longer serves us and inviting more of positive, healthy and growth promoting practices and experiences into our lives. The Detox programs at Udara are designed to address the body, mind and spirit at the same time. We believe that nothing is separate from each other and that health comes from a state of union and balance.

Short programs such as a 4 Days “Healing Juice Cleanse” can be a great introduction into Detox and will have wonderful benefits. Longer programs from 10 to 30 days such as “Mind, Body & Soul Recharge” and “New Life Transformation” will allow you to deeply transform and heal not only your body, but also to create long lasting changes and improve your whole life.

Here are some benefits from our detox programs:

• Feeling lighter and energized

• Mental clarity

• Weight loss and decreased body fat

• Improved digestion

• Clear skin, stronger hair and nails

• Better sleep

• Stress reduction, tension relief

• Reconnected to yourself and feeling nurtured

• Improved body awareness and feeling better about your body

• Better understanding about detox, healthy lifestyle and nutrition

• Learning new tools and practices to continue your journey back home

We know that it can be difficult to choose from the many offers for a Detox program. We will give you some good reasons why to choose Udara Resort for your stay.

Individual Schedule & Offers

We offer a variety of different detox programs with deep or light liquid cleanses and different raw options. The program lengths vary between 4 and 30 days and you can definitely pick a program that suits your needs. Our programs are well crafted for a holistic cleanse that goes beyond the physical detox aspect only. The individual schedule includes daily yoga classes, spa treatments, healthy detox meals, lectures and activities that help you getting back in balance and provide you with various tools and information how to keep up with a healthy lifestyle after your detox program. Some of our programs offer individual healing sessions such as sound healing, private meditations or Reiki sessions to address the holistic aspect and the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga program & Yoga shalas

The daily Yoga classes are held in beautiful, spacious Yoga shalas with ocean views. Our team of Western and Balinese Yoga teachers is very experienced and offers a wide array of Yoga styles that are suitable for all levels of practitioners. While you have recommended 2-3 Yoga classes per day on your individual schedule you are very welcome to join any of the regular classes on the Udara schedule with up to 8 classes per day. You get to experience different classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Aerial, Water Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Practicing Aerial Yoga on the third floor with amazing ocean view is a truly unique experience at Udara.

Location & Accommodation

Udara has a unique location by the beach in Seseh, only 20 minutes walk from Canggu. You can stay away from the busy tourist crowds, take beautiful walks on the beach, get a glimpse into traditional Balinese life and have high standard accommodation with beautiful rooms built with natural materials and access to all amenities of Udara. The Spa area with gorgeous architecture, warm and cold pools, Sauna and steam room are truly amazing.


During your program you will be supported and guided by our western Wellness Coaches who have several years of experience guiding detox, yoga and wellness retreats. Our approach is to address each detox guest individually, so that you really feel taken care of. The whole Balinese team of Udara will welcome you with their lovely smiles and be a wonderful support during your stay.

Basis of our detox programs is a fast either with a liquid diet (with juices, smoothies and vegetable soups) or raw food platters which give the digestive system a rest and helps to revitalize the body. The detox process will be supported by receiving various Spa treatments to relax the body, practicing Yoga daily to stretch and strengthen the body, sweating out the toxins in the Sauna and steam room, cleansing the colon with enemas or colonic hydrotherapy sessions and joining informative talks about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Each or our five programs is individual with different inclusions which you can find on this website together with a sample schedule.
We offer a variety of different detox programs with liquid cleanses or different raw options. The program lengths vary between 4 and 30 days and you can definitely pick a program that suits your needs. If you have never done a Detox before, you might like to start with a few days Healing Juice Cleanse. The longer programs of one week or more will go more in depth and allow for a thorough cleanse for the body. They will allow you to reset your whole system and it will be a great restart if you like to change lifestyle and eating habits in order to rebalance body, mind and soul. Listen to your “gut feeling” what feels best for you and which one of the offers attracts you most.
While a detox cleanse is beneficial for almost everyone, however there are certain diseases where a detox is not recommended. Please consult your doctor before participating in our program if you have existing medical conditions, if you are on medication or if you have any concerns. A detox program is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Together with the booking of your program, we will ask you to fill an intake form about your health and lifestyle in order to guide you safely through the detox program. Please notice that we have no medical doctor on site. In any emergency cases we will help you arrange visiting a doctor if needed.
Although Udara provides 23 rooms and is welcoming regular hotel guests as well, our detox programs and retreats are still very exclusive and are held in small groups between 2 and 10 people. You will get daily care by our Western Wellness Coaches during your stay and receive a personalized schedule. We give individual support for each detox guest and make sure you are well taken care of.

In order to maximize your outcome of the detox program and support your body, we suggest you to prepare for your cleanse in advance. This helps to minimize detox side effects and eases the transition from regular to detox foods.

Until the start of your detox program, try lowering the intake of the following foods:

• Animal protein (meat, fish)

• Dairy Products

• Refined Sugar

• Processed, fried and fast foods

• Caffeine

• Alcohol

• Nicotine

Your detox experience will be easier and more comfortable when you follow this guideline. Slowly eliminating these foods from your daily meal plan help to avoid detox side effects such as headaches, sinus drainage, lack of energy or achiness. During the days prior to your detox program, rest well, drink lots of water and eat lots of natural living foods including fruits, vegetables, salads, smoothies, nuts, sprouts, seeds, brown rice and high quality oils.

On the first day of your detox program you will get an introduction and personalized schedule for your detox program from us. We will also give you a questionnaire that helps us to guide you through the program and achieve the best results.

Our schedule is a guideline for you to follow and will keep you well occupied during the day. In between the classes, treatments and other activities you will have time to rest at the pool area, use the Sauna and Steam Room facilities, read a book in the upstairs Shala with ocean view, have a walk on the beach or to just enjoy being in the privacy of your beautiful room. Of course, whenever you feel you rather skip a Yoga class and rest instead, we totally understand and respect this.
Your program will start on the arrival day in the afternoon after check-in at 2 pm and ends on the departure day with check-out at 12 pm.

Our bodies adapt usually quite quickly to detox food. The juices and soups that we serve include lots of nutrients that will nourish you well while your body is in detox mode. In the first few days you might experience some cravings or have low energy which can be a side effect of the detox process. You might as well experience an energy boost with the Detox food and feel great as your body gets lighter and cleaner. You’ll learn to trust your body and be open to whatever experience will unfold during your program, which can be different each time you are going on a detox.

If you like to eat detox meals instead of going on a liquid cleanse, you can opt for our light Raw Food Detox, where you will be served delicious fruit and vegetable platters, raw soups and salads. The other programs include a deeper cleanse with healthy liquid meals including cold-pressed juices, smoothies and soups in the evenings. In all of our programs the meals are accompanied with additional natural supplements that support the detox process.

At Udara we only use natural and fresh supplements to support the detox process of the body. With each meal you will get various supplements that are naturally nutrient rich and have lots of health benefits. We are not using any chemical supplements, as we believe that natural plant products are the best source of nutrients that can be easily absorbed and used by the body. At the start of your program, you will receive a personal introduction into your program and a handbook with lots of valuable information about detox, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Our programs are well-crafted to create a holistic experience of a detox for body, mind and soul. We recommend a detox program for at least 4 days, so that you get to experience the amazing benefits of a detox. If your travel plans do not allow for the whole length of the suggested programs, we can adjust the detox schedule accordingly and provide you with a special offer. Please take time to read our Terms and Conditions before booking one of our programs.
We are happy to offer you a room with double occupancy and give you a discounted rate for booking one of our detox programs in a double room.
If you have more questions, please let us know! Send us an email and we will be happy to answer anything that has been left open.

What is a Detox?

Detoxification (or “Detox”) is a natural, primary function of our body to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins. With a supported detox program, you can improve and optimize the function of your body’s detoxification systems. The purpose of a detoxification program is primarily to support the detox organs: the liver, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. This is done by decreasing the amount of toxins we put into our bodies while at the same time supporting our body’s detoxification and elimination mechanisms. Choosing a liquid or raw food diet gives the digestive system a rest and helps to revitalize the body.

Why should I do a Detox?

A sad fact in today’s modern world, our bodies are very toxic. Hazardous chemicals pollute the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat and products we use. We are literally flooded with these contaminants and our bodies struggle to get rid of the toxins. The toxic load in our system can leave us feeling tired and lacking vitality and it may increase the risk of developing severe illnesses. If we want to maintain our wellbeing in these modern times and prevent diseases, regular cleansing helps clearing the toxins from our system.