What is Juice Detox?

By Violetta Petrenko

Detoxification (or detox) involves cleansing the body of toxins. In nowadays more and more people are talking about detox and it becomes more and more popular. But not everyone supports the idea of ​​detox programs. Some people say that we have a liver and intestines to cleanse, plus we constantly remove toxins through the skin. This is true, our body does not stop the process of purification for one minute. But how successfully can it do that?

The need for detox in our modern world

Indeed, what is happening in modern world now: Every day we are surrounded by more and more toxic factors – dirty air, polluted oceans, highly processed food and food which is loaded with chemicals. Even 30 years ago we didn’t have so much processed food with preservatives in supermarkets, we didn’t have any genetically modified food either. But not only food – emotional balance also affects our health. Stress weakens digestion, and this in turn leads to the fact that for the body it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with the removal of toxins.

It turns out that every year our surrounding conditions become more difficult and our bodies become weaker. Therefore, there is such a trend for detox nowadays. Many people who want to get into it do not really understand the essence of what is happening – in pharmacies we see dietary detox supplements or detox patches for the legs. But surely this is not sufficient to effectively detox your body.

The value of a Juice Detox

When a person refrains from refined sugar, refined flour and animal products for 1-3 days or a week, drinks only freshly squeezed, cold pressed juices and smoothies, he gives his digestion a break from the daily difficult work with heavy foods and still receives vitamins, antioxidants and useful enzymes. The body has the opportunity to direct its maximum strength to the processes of purification, restoration and rejuvenation.

Many people think that it works like a magic pill, that after drinking a green shot, you can immediately get up on the scales and see a significant difference. No, of course this will not happen. Moreover, we call weight loss a pleasant bonus rather than a goal from detox. We do not say that from one bottle of green juice the detox will happen immediately.

Detox on juices is a good step towards changing your diet, a pause where you break your usual patterns and re-evaluate your eating habits. Many people notice an improvement in skin condition, the mood gets better, taste changes towards healthy food and the overall health gets better. Sometimes people even quit smoking and significantly reduce the amount of alcohol after a detox program.

Healing Juice Cleanse at Udara

Our Healing Juice Cleanse program at Udara is based on juices, smoothies and soups made from fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. The juices are not pasteurized; they are freshly prepared using a cold press juicer. This technology avoids the oxidation of juice during the spin cycle. We have different ranges of juices every day, their taste is very specific. We add the juice of spinach, lemon, mint, parsley, ginger or apple and it turns out delicious and very healthy.

Our smoothies are prepared without pasteurization too, without preservatives or refined sugar. We do not use cow’s milk; all smoothies are made exclusively on a plant basis. All liquid meals are different in taste and nutritional properties, so even going on a detox for a week or longer will not be boring for your taste buds.

In our different detox programs, we also provide various healthy superfood shots to balance your diet. For example, a daily spirulina shot to boost your immune system and to give you some plant based protein and vitamin B12 that can be lacking in a vegan diet.

Check out the 5 different detox programs at Udara here.

How long and how often should you go on a juice detox?

A one-day detox is great to do once a week to recharge yourself.

Three days on juices is already a deeper process. This can be done once a month or once a season.

Someone deciding to do a proper detox will aim towards 7 to 14 days. These programs combined with cleansing the intestines will give you a very good result. The deeper we begin to cleanse the body –  the more symptoms of purification can appear.

How do you need to prepare for a detox program?

The preparation depends on a person’s habitual diet. If meat and refined products are already minimized in the diet, it is enough to devote one or two days to the preparation – focus on fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits and lighter, gluten-free food. It is necessary to gradually remove meat, dairy products and begin to include more vegetables and fruits in the diet. When you book a detox program at Udara, you will receive all information you need for your preparation in advance.

How should you eat after a detox program? 

You need to go out smoothly within 2-3 days, following the same recommendations as during preparation. During your detox at Udara, we will give you valuable information how to break your fast and maintain a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle after your detox program.

Who is better to avoid a juice detox?

Firstly, detox is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. And it is not recommended until 18 years old, when the body is still in an active phase of growth. People having severe digestive problems, such as gastritis or ulcer should avoid a detox. If you have existing medical conditions or concerns, we recommend that you consult your physician before booking a detox program.

Detox as an incentive for Change

In general, detox on juices is a good incentive for change. When the diet is mixed and when it contains sugar, stimulants in form of caffeine and alcohol, we don’t really hear what our body wants and needs. During and after a detox, there is a great opportunity to enter into dialogue with your own body and understand it better.

If you have any questions about our programs, our wellness coaches will gladly assist you. You can directly send us and email here.