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  • Retreat Package

    A well-rounded yoga-mindfulness retreat package which includes daily yoga classes, massage, meals, and comfortable room which is inspired by the nature.
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  • Udara Detox Program

    Allow your body to reset and rejuvenate with  our detox program. We offer both liquid and raw food meal plan to cater to your needs, ranging from  5 days to 28 days. In addition to that, you will join our daily yoga classes, excursion, events, and healing treatments.



    Price: 70US$ / Session | Duration 75 - 90 Minutes | *including tax & service charge

  • Aerial Yoga

    Teacher Training

    Become a Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher at one of the best aerial yoga shala in Bali. Join our lead teacher, Martina Reinbold, and get a chance to meet like-minded people to learn about asana, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, the safety aspect of aerial yoga, and so much more.

Om Swastiastu!



Udara Bali is an integrated healing yoga resort, located close to Canggu, offering retreat, wellness and detox programs to alleviate the stress of modern living. Nestled between the Indian ocean, Seseh village and surrounded by ancient temples, Udara sets the mood for a relaxing and authentic Bali holiday.

Featuring three beautiful yoga shalas with ocean view, a library area overlooking an ancient temple and a beautiful Spa with water healing pool, Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, Jacuzzi, ice bath and cold plunge as well as a meditation cave. Our packages include various amenities and additional facilities, such as free access to the in-house gym, use of bicycles to explore the surrounding area, free laundry service and much more. 

Udara is an ideal destination for individual travelers looking for healing, couples or friends traveling together. The traditional Javanese wooden Joglos or our sea & garden view suite rooms with the outstanding personalized service will instantly make you feel at home. We offer the best yoga retreat and detox retreat program in Bali.

All yoga classes are free for our hotel guests! 

On Sunday mornings, Udara hosts a vibrant festival for in-house guests, locals and expats, during which the energy is busier than usual. During the week, Udara presents a relaxed atmosphere to rest and recharge.  

Children policy :
We truly love kids, yet with a heavy heart towards all families with amazing children, we decided that Udara will be an adults-only resort. Our guests come with the need for wellbeing, relaxation and healing in a quiet surrounding. Especially the Spa area, where we offer healing treatments, sound therapy and underwater music for deep relaxation needs absolute silence to be effective and unfortunately this is not compatible with children’s right to play loudly. As an “adults-only resort” the minimum age for staying at Udara and visiting our facilities is 14 years.

Pet policy :
Pets are not allowed.

Om shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Beachfront Yoga in the morning? Aerial Yoga with sunset view? The four unique shalas at Udara have their own gorgeous view and design that surely enhance your Yoga experience and retreat. Choose from various yoga styles guided by experienced western and local Yoga teachers.


Udara Bali offers 2 detox programs: Revitalizing and New Life Transformation Detox Program. It ranges from 5 to 28 days with a choice of liquid or raw food meal plan. Give your body the opportunity to find its way back to optimal health, well being, vitality and balance.

Discover wellness treatments at Udara Spa and experience a feeling of complete relaxation, positive energy and well-being.

Wellness & Healing

Udara offers individual yoga retreat packages, where you can choose your preferred arrival day and length of stay. Our direct booking privilege guarantees you the best rate available when you book directly through our website.

At Organic Ocean we care about making delicious food and care about you, our community and mother earth! Balinese Hindu believe in reincarnation and karma. Your body is the temple of your soul. So nourish it with good health, happy thoughts and positive energy.

Udara Bali offers a uniquely designed Spa and relaxation area at the centre of the resort. The facilities include a Sauna, steam room, hot and cold plunge pools, swimming pool with pool bar access, warm water Watsu pool, meditation cave, spa treatment room and outside relaxing area with bean bags and lounge chairs.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 22 May, 2024 | Wednesday 5 June, 2024

    Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony

    Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful healing modality and approach to personal empowerment that relies on your inner wisdom and your body’s capacity of self-healing to move you towards wholeness. 

    With your eyes closed and lying on a mat, you will be transported with the power of your own breath into an altered state of consciousness to discover your inner landscape beyond the limits of your mind and image of self. This will provide you the opportunity to experience deep transformation and healing. 

    - with Chirsta Denz

    Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony
  • Thursday 23 May, 2024

    Reiki Training Level 1

    Reiki, a truly enchanting and potent healing practice, holds the key to serenely rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit through the mesmerizing exchange of energy. During this captivating experience, you will be graced with the Reiki Level 1 attunement in the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, a profound initiation that gives you the ability to channel healing energy both for yourself and others.

    - with Vanessa Bachmann

    Reiki Training Level 1
  • Friday 24 May, 2024 | Friday 7 June, 2024

    Rebirthing Breathwork with Live Dj

    It will be an intimate two hour container where you will be guided to dive into approximately 60 minutes’ duration of conscious connected breathing, allowing you to tap into your inner world and to feel deeply.  

    We start with a guided meditation for self-check in and intention setting, followed by the circular breathing technique. This technique will allow the energy to flow in the body and you will not only feel it physically, but it will clear stuck emotions and allow shifts on the energetic level. 

    - with Gita Sianipar & Dj Fxckmewell

    Rebirthing Breathwork with Live Dj
  • Saturday 25 May, 2024

    Spa Night Deluxe

    This Spa Night will be a deluxe experience of pure relaxation and activation of your senses. We start the evening in the Sauna with balancing sounds of singing bowls and various aroma oil infusions, followed by a dip in the ice-cooled plunge pool. The bliss continues with floating in our warm water pool, where you get to receive the vibrations of singing bowls in the water and experience a beautiful sense of weightlessness. We provide natural skin care with a body scrub and face mask before we nourish you with a light community dinner at the Udara restaurant.

    - with Martina Reinbold

    Spa Night Deluxe
  • Tuesday 28 May, 2024 | Saturday 22 June, 2024

    Kundalini Activation Process

    This is NOT Kundalini yoga! Come experience this remarkable energy transmission that is Kundalini Activation Process. Join International KAP facilitator Marika Daya (The Netherlands) for this beautiful, life-changing experience.

    This will be a 2 -hour workshop and energy transmission of raw Kundalini life-force energy meant to activate and further the awakening process inside you. No prior experience of any sort is necessary. All you need is an openness to receive and the will to surrender.

    - with Marika Daya

    Kundalini Activation Process
  • Tuesday 14 & 28 May, 2024 | Tuesday 11 & 25 June, 2024

    Gong Sound Bath

    Gongs are one of the most potent and powerful instruments in sound healing. During a gong sound bath, various gongs are set up in different corners of the room, allowing the participants to be immersed in a sea of vibration. Listening to and feeling the incredible variety of sounds that a gong can produce can send you on a deep meditative journey, remove energy blockages, evoke emotional release and release stress from body and mind.

    - with Udara Sound Healing Team

    Gong Sound Bath
  • Wednesday 29 May, 2024 | Wednesday 19 & 26 June, 2024

    Relaxing Sound Float

    Experience a unique live Sound Healing while you lie in the cocoon of an Aerial yoga hammock. Come back to your harmonious state of being and restore the balance of body, mind, and spirit with healing sounds of various instruments from Gongs to Tibetan Singing Bowls and more.

    - with Udara Sound Healing Team

    Relaxing Sound Float
  • Tuesday 4 June, 2024

    Cacao & Kirtan Ceremony

    In this heart-opening gathering we connect the magic of sacred Cacao Ceremony and Kirtan. We will chant sacred mantras and spiritual songs, set powerful intentions as we drink the sacred cacao, meditate, pray and connect to each other with authentic sharing.

    - with Martina Reinbold & Udara Team

    Cacao & Kirtan Ceremony
  • Friday 30 May, 2024 | Friday 14 June, 2024


    Kirtan is an act of praising and glorifying the Divine through chanting mantra together. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga, which is a process of uniting the Divine through love and devotion. There’s power in chanting mantra; it can help to develop one’s mental powers and strength, ease stress and take one to a higher level of consciousness. Chanting also improves one’s memory and power of concentration.
    You don’t have to be able to sing to join kirtan. Come as you are and allow yourself to express your voice without worries of judgment.

    Diana has been a devoted singer since she was young. Starting from singing at Bhajans, church choirs, and now kirtans. She finds purpose in serving God and others through her voice.

    - with Diana Beauty & Friends

  • Saturday 1 June, 2024

    Aerial Yin Workshop

    The soft Aerial yoga hammocks are amazing tools to stretch the body and relax the mind, when we have the fabric set up at a lower height to hold the yoga poses for an extended time. Stretching the muscles and fascia in a passive way with the silk hammock as a prop helps you to increase flexibility, improve energy flow and calm your nervous system. For the final relaxation part, you will float in the cocoon of the hammock and experience a beautiful sense of weightlessness, while you will be guided to bring your awareness to the different layers of your being. Experience a deep connection with yourself in a safe space, allowing states of wholeness, meditative awareness and surrender to arise with ease and grace. 

    - with Martina Reinbold

    Aerial Yin Workshop
  • Wednesday 12 June, 2024

    Inner Alchemy

    In this journey, we utilize three primary modalities in the alchemical process. Breath, movement, and meditation. This all occurs while blindfolded (optional) and wearing silent disco headphones, providing a personal and intimate internal focus for the journey. The darkness shifts our awareness deeper within and amplifies our capacity to cultivate and transform energy. The healing frequencies delivered through the headphones guide the flow of the journey and encourage presence and openness.

    Manish Plaha is a practicing medical doctor who is passionate about holistic wellbeing. With a special focus on energetic activation through meditation, he aims to harmonise the human energy field as a pathway to optimum mental, physical and emotional health.

    - with Manish

    Inner Alchemy
  • Saturday 15 June, 2024

    Breathwork for Trauma Release & Manifestation

    This special breathwork class offers an opportunity for you to improve your breathing, break old patterns and manifest desired life changes. Different breathing techniques, such as ancient pranayama practices and more modern breathwork types with conscious connected breathing and controlled breath holds, allow you to release stored negative emotions & trauma and embark on a fresh start with heightened power of attraction and newfound inspiration.

    - with Edwin Tan

    Breathwork for Trauma Release & Manifestation
  • Tuesday 18 June, 2024

    Voice Tribe - Spoken Word & Voice Workshop

    Journey with us into the heart of belonging, creativity and self-expression.

    Immerse yourself in a supportive community where you can freely share your voice, safely express yourself and connect with others.

    Express Yourself, Build Community and heal your Throat Chakra.

    - with Bobby Adlington

    Voice Tribe - Spoken Word & Voice Workshop
  • Friday 28 June, 2024

    Myofascial Release & Yin

    In this 2 hours class we will work on some targeted fascia and connective tissues. Applying pressure to the targeted connective tissue using the fascia balls while coming into and/or holding our yin poses will help you to create more range of movement and flexibility within the targeted area. 

    - with Gita Sianipar

    Myofascial Release & Yin
  • Saturday 29 June, 2024

    Quantum Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey

    Quantum Breathwork helps you to enter into a state, where the body can activate its self-healing potential and feel more alive. In this workshop you will be guided through different breathing exercises to purify your energy, where trauma can be released and energetic or mental blockages can be removed. The following stage will energize the whole system and balance the nervous system. The activation is followed by a period of deep rest to relax the body and mind, while you receive soothing sounds from Tibetan singing bowls and various other sound healing instruments. Gus Wira is one of the most experienced Balinese teachers who brings years of experience in breathwork and energy healing to help people reach their full potential of health and happiness.

    - with Gus Wira

    Quantum Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey

Yin & Sound Healing Night

Tuesday, November 15 2022

Slowly unravel and surrender to the nourishment of Yin Yoga supported by live Sound Healing. In this class the Yin postures will allow you to explore the relationship between your body, breath and mind at a deeper level.


Friday, November 18 2022

Ritual Frequencies is back at Udara. The creator of Awakened Dreamers Festival and Ecstatic Dance Brazil will bring one last time his memorable Cacao Ceremony plus Sunset Ecstatic Dance before his Canggu departure.


Saturday, November 19 2022

This Spa Night will be a deluxe experience of pure relaxation and activation of your senses. We start the evening in the Sauna with balancing sounds of singing bowls and various aroma oil infusions, followed by a dip in the ice-cooled plunge pool.

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Organic Ocean

At Organic Ocean we care about making delicious food and care about you, our community and mother earth! Balinese Hindu believe in reincarnation and karma. Your body is the temple of your soul. So nourish it with good health, happy thoughts and positive energy. We are lucky to be located in Seseh, one of the few traditional Balinese fishing villages remaining on the island. If you get up early in the morning (we mean really early!!!) you might even see the village fishermen going out to sea on their boats to catch different kinds of seafood, as they have for many generations. As part of our environmental commitment we try to make our food as sustainable as possible. Our seafood comes from the Seseh fishermen’s fresh catch of the day. And all of our fruits and veggies come directly from the organic farm of Bedugul hills.

What People Say About Us

Beautiful Yoga Retreat directly at the Beach in the village next to Canggu Beautiful hotel in the village of Siseh, directly at the beach. I really enjoyed the yoga classes, the breakfast and to be close to the beach. I was looking for a place outside of the hustle from Seminyak and Canggu & absolutely found what I was looking for at UdaraBali. The pool area is very nice and I enjoyed the fresh Smoothies at the poolbar. If you like surfing: there is a school directly in front of the hotel. My highlight were the spaces for yoga: I probably haven‘t done yoga in a spot with a better view ever. It‘s fantastic to hear and sea the ocean during your practice. To walk to Echo Beach in Canggu it takes about 20minutes along the beach.

Sarah , (CH) 2018-09-19 | Reservation number 1459151892

Everything is outstanding in Udara! I feel like I went to visit and stay with family and friends. They made us feel welcome, clean spaces, delicious and super healthy food. If your plan is to practice yoga and relax this is the place! Even if you aren’t into yoga practice you can relax here for sure. We loved the morning meditation, all the yoga classes and the teachers are outstanding. Walk around the property was a great activity too or just take a nap around the pool or one of the relaxing places. Walking distance to Canggu through the beach, free shuttle if you don’t want to walk. The property is located in a beautiful, clean and quiet neighborhood 15 min from Canggu. You have rice fields, Coffee plantations, the Tanah Lot temple, Canggu and Seminyak all around for a short drive.

KARIME , (US) 2018-08-25 | Reservation number 2021030609

It was one of the best experiences in my life! The 5 days of juice cleanse has changed my view on food, the yoga classes in Udara have made yoga a regular practice in my life and after a stressful year I could finally relax in the spa and through the massages. My time at Udara was amazing, would recommend to everyone who needs a reset, a break or just a great experience 🙂

Monse December 2022

When my work was super hectic, I tried to get away from work in Jakarta to the most peaceful place to stay. And that is Udara Bali! I clearly remember the magic sound in the warm water when I swam there. So relax and peaceful. I can finally found my happiness in Udara! I joined Udara Sunday also and I have never had an experience like that. I can be free and just be myself! Thank you so much Udara for having me! Would definitely going back there soon!

Yongki Prima December 2022

Udara is just a beautiful sacred place with AMAZING yoga classes. We bought a 30 day pass, went every day, and truly loved every second we spent there. The classes have a huge variety: there are aerial yoga classes, mindful power yoga, yin yoga and so much more to make sure you will never get bored. The staff is super nice and makes you truly feel welcome and part of the community. Therefore, I absolutely love this place! <3

Hannah Wisniewski November 2022

Udara is a place you will remember for many reasons, the location, its architecture, activities and food, but mostly you will remember it for two reasons 1. the magnificent humans that work in it making your stay essentially paradise on earth and 2. the boost in mental, spiritual and physical health you will get. One is a different persona on arrival and departure. Can’t wait to be back. Lots of light to all the lovely Udara Team.

Laura Ulloa December 2022

I spent 31 days at Udara with the oxygen (HBOT) treatment. During my stay I also attended yoga classes and their special events. The staff are some of the friendliest I ever encountered compared to a western standard. And the coaches are of the highest caliber. I also did the sauna and ice bath every day, and the ice water is really cold, like 1-7 Celsius. For me the experience was really perfect, I got totally recharged and I wish I could stay longer. I couldn’t recommend Udara enough, the place, coaches and staff are amazing. And I really left the place happy. I would recommend Udara to all my friends and family. It’s really a marvel on this planet that should be experienced by everyone!

Kevokyable December 2022

Exceptional customer service! I had an incredible experience with Agus, the customer reservation staff at Udara Bali. Despite not being able to join my best friend on her solo retreat, I wanted to make her birthday special. I reached out to Agus to help plan a surprise dinner, arrange flowers, and cover the remaining balance so my friend could fully enjoy her time there. Being based in the UK, I had specific requirements, but Agus was incredibly patient and understanding. He went above and beyond to assist me, ensuring that every detail was executed perfectly. When my friend returned, she couldn't stop raving about how amazing everything was and how much she enjoyed her time at Udara Bali. Agus and the team at Udara Bali truly know how to exceed expectations and make their guests feel special. I highly recommend their services and will definitely be recommending them to others.

Tamanna N, United Kingdom September 2023 | Tripadvisor

Just book it! Phenomenal special place - totally unique. Udara provides an incredible all round holistic experience. Literally from your very first smiling welcome to the last goodbye - you are warmly treated. Everything has been thought through to make the stay a pleasure & hassle free. All inclusive literally means that - 4 huge delicious healthy meals a day; a spa treatment for each day you stay; a full programme of yoga & meditation classes; gorgeous accommodation. (Oh & even free laundry...) I came on my own and experienced a totally 'safe' & sacred space to do my own thing - but within the community. Make sure you definitely do as many of the sound healing sessions you can. It's totally immersive - the resonating sound of the gong combines with the crashing waves from the Indian Ocean. Incredible!

Briony Rudd, United Kingdom September 2023 | Tripadvisor

A heavenly paradise! Absolutely amazing experience! Udara Bali is an amazing place to fully rest, recharge, feel one with yourself and feel fully nourished and cared for. I would give everything about this resort 7 stars and plus if I could - the wonderful staff who go above and beyond to take care of you, the yoga classes, the teachers, the spa, the massage therapists, the floating library, the food, amenities, rooms and facilities. I spent 10 nights at Udara Bali and loved every moment of it. I will definitely return!

Tasneem Khairulla, Canada May 2023 | Tripadvisor

A tranquil oasis for the mind, body and spirit. This is the perfect escape for anyone looking to unplug and recharge. The stunning oceanfront setting, combined with the range of wellness offerings and friendly, attentive staff, make for a truly immersive experience. The healthy food options on the menu were delicious and nourishing and the yoga and meditation classes were great. I loved the massage treatments and felt so relaxed.

Ruwini, Australia August 2023 | Tripadvisor

A beautiful dream. I absolutely adored this place. It exceeded my expectations entirely. It is utterly charming, well-managed, clean, the food is stunning and the staff are adorable. The yoga on offer is authentically amazing. The value for money I experienced was truly remarkable - I would have stayed longer than my 10 days if I was able to. I heartily recommend this place. Udara - I love you, you are nestled firmly in my heart forever and ever.

OCambs, United Kingdom July 2023 | Tripadvisor

Wonderful Experience in the Garden of Eden. The first thing you want to do when you get to Udara is take out your camera as it is completely unique. The location is quiet and peaceful right on the beach and the facilities are breathtaking with views of the ocean and coastline from open, expansive wooden structures above for activities like aerial yoga and sound bath ceremonies. The wet area is a sculptural delight of boulders, Hindu statues and animals (in fact the sauna is housed in a giant turtle). The rooms are gorgeous with private alfresco stone bathrooms. Mine on the first floor even had a garden that overlooked the ocean. There are diverse yoga, sound, breathwork, chanting and dance activities everyday. I could also rave about the tasty nutritious food and homemade Kombucha, but the best aspect of all was the people including the housekeepers, cleaners, wait staff, spa staff, receptionists, yoga and fitness instructors, and the wellness team. They operate as a family but with professionalism and respect. I truly felt supported and relaxed during my 21 day detox. This really is the Garden of Eden and I would give them 6 stars if I could!

Ali C, Australia June 2023 | Tripadvisor

Highly recommend staying at least 2-3 nights to fully connect to your body and soul. All I wanted was there!! I stayed 3 nights to escape from city noise. Amazing relaxing place to stay, Yoga lessons all day long, except doing flying yoga with a sunset view in a very open wooden pavilion, I enjoyed Yin & Sound Meditation as well with peaceful sunset begins and fire ends. Warm hospitality and nice staff, especially the health food and fruit smoothies and outdoor massage facilities, Amazing!! Highly recommend staying at least 2-3 nights to fully connect to your body and soul.

Cindy T, Australia July 2023 | Tripadvisor

A magical place! This place is magical! The space has been planned to ensure every part of your stay exceeds expectations. From the yoga and event spaces, relaxation areas, food and the rooms, we appreciated the attention to detail to provide the best experience.

Suzan, Australia July 2023 | Tripadvisor

Brilliant hotel. My wife and I stayed 2 nights at Udara, it was an amazing experience. Everything was amazing, the yoga classes, food and smoothies, room, staff, service, massages, spa, and events. Would highly recommend it especially if you would like to disconnect in a healthy way.

Zagha M, Turkey June 2023 | Tripadvisor

Holistic Paradise. Amazing location, fantastic classes, events and teachers, incredible staff with positive energy and great detox program. Everything was perfectly set to take care of myself with the detox program and get connected to my body and soul.

Gilles, Switzerland June 2023 | Tripadvisor

Relaxing oasis. We came for an aerial yoga class overlooking the ocean (so much fun) and stayed to bop around the very relaxing pools and saunas. We also had lunch here which was delicious. Such a relaxing and beautiful spot within scooter distance of Canggu.

Alice H, Australia June 2023 | Tripadvisor

Relaxing Yoga and beach experience in a small resort with the local Balinese hospitality and love. This was a very relaxing small resort - away from the craziness of Camguu.. Excellent yoga - all different types of classes overlooking the beach..food was amazing - fresh local vegetables, fruit and seafood. All the Jumi and all the other staff were wonderful- in true Balinese style. The all inclusive package was great - so much food! total relaxation and do not need to think about planning a thing! I’m going back!!

Kelly N, Indonesia May 2023 | Tripadvisor

Perfect spot to try aerial yoga! I visited Udara for a chakra healing and aerial yoga class. I loved yoga so much, I came back to take another class a few days later! The location on Seseh Beach cannot be beat! It is peaceful and a beautiful spot to catch the sunset, with local families out surfing and flying kites. The facilities are also lovely, and their smoothies are delicious! Am definitely considering staying there on a future trip to Bali.

Minxieton, United States May 2023 | Tripadvisor

Dream Come True. This place is amazing, a real oasis with great food, massages, and yoga. We did a five day retreat and came away fully relaxed. The people are friendly, the yoga and sound healing offerings go on all day and are appropriate for a beginner, and we enjoyed a few special community events as part of our package, which were amazingly uplifting. The design and artful architecture are just over the top as is the food package with the freshest of seafood, smoothies, juices, and vegan offerings. It was really a dream come true for us, overlooking the ocean, a beach to walk along, pools, sauna, steam, and, oh, the massages, which were part of the package, are excellent! If you are in Bali, you should experience this place. You won't regret it.

Karen S, India May 2023 | Tripadvisor

If you are into yoga, this is the best hotel you should visit Amazing stay, everything is so different from a regular hotel you are used to, but at the same time all the space is so beautiful and relaxing. First, the location is the best, great ocean view, away from all the busy life. Second, events and yoga classes are empowering, with really good yoga teachers. Third, an amazing spa wellness zone and pretty good massage sessions. And not the last, the food is the best. We are vegans, and nevertheless there were so many great options to be delighted 4 times a day for 8 days.

Michael , Moldova January 2023 | Tripadvisor

Spoil yourself. Thank you again for being part of the Udara family once more. Normally I don’t go to the same hotel twice but here it feels like family. All the staff, teachers and people you meet are more than wonderful! The food is great, you have a huge variety diving into the spa (go for the balinese massage!), just hang around or do some yoga. I’ve been here three years ago for detoxing (10 days) and this was also an outstanding experience. I loved it. Everyone is so caretaking and supportive that you feel immediately spoiled. Make sure to not miss soundheeling, aerial yoga and morning meditation. This energy here is unique!

Verena, Germany January 2023 | Tripadvisor

Udara Bali is like a paradise for the mind, body and spirit. I loved everything about this beautiful retreat. I felt amazing after our 3 day visit and definitely coming back here to stay longer. The staff were friendly and professional and even the owner came and introduced himself which we thought was humbling. I think Udara has a great menu and lots of healthy yummy food options for a 3 course meal. Loved the location which is away from busy Canggu but still only a 15 taxi ride to town. This retreat is very beautiful with ocean views, sea breeze flowing through and sound of waves soothing your soul and the gardens are absolutely stunning. We managed to do two classes (meditation and Qi Gong) and both classes were great and the instructors were knowledgeable and friendly. I have never seen a spa, sauna, or heated pool located in a place with amazing sculptures and absolutely stunning displays. The massage treatments were great and I felt like all the stress melted away. Udara is definitely a secret paradise if you want to get away and totally relax and treat yourself. I highly recommend Udara Bali and it is definitely a place you want to stay longer than a few days.

Ruwini, Australia August 2023 | Booking.com

Incredible all round holistic experience including the place, the staff, the classes, massages & food and the sound gong bath. Everything you can want is here in this unique magical space. Think more ‘sacred’ than pure pamper. If that’s you -then book it! And the food is amazing too.

Briony, United Kingdom September 2023 | Booking.com

A haven of peace and well-being. We arrived a little tired from our first week of road trip to Java and could not have found a more perfect place to relax. We could not ask for a double bed via booking but the team found a solution upon our arrival to find us the perfect room with a large bed for two. The hotel facilities are well maintained, the pool area is beautifully decorated. We enjoyed the courses very much, even my partner who is not used to yoga enjoyed it. Thanks to Sandra for the Yin & Sound class and our teacher for the aerial yoga was a great experience. The dishes offered are very rich and with quality fresh products, fish and vegetarian options, no meat but it did not miss me at all, on the contrary I felt very good after these two healthy days. And finally a big thank you to the team of the hotel, whether at the reception or the restaurant, always caring, always smiling and listening to our needs! We feel very quickly at home and it is difficult to leave. At the end of our two days we hesitated to stay longer and change our plans but we had already booked another hotel. I highly recommend this property 🙂

Elodie, France June 2023 | Booking.com

Incredibly friendly staff, really delicious food, great beds, great spa area, varied yoga program, great location right on the beach, daily massages

Mandy De, Germany May 2023 | Booking.com

Absolutely love Udara, the staff here are the most friendly of anywhere I've stayed in Bali and make you feel so welcome. The massagers are the best!!!. Love all the facilities I've had three trips here and will definitely be back again thanks Udara family.🙏😁

Wanyeke, Australia May 2023 | Booking.com

The staff is the true power behind the success of this place. They spend every effort to make your vacation as seamless as possible.

Rania, Qatar April 2023 | Booking.com

Everything! Food was amazing, the location was beautiful, everything was there, spa, pool, sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool, ice dip, massages. Much variety & styles of Yoga with amazing teachers, meditation, breathwork and special events. Room was large and spacious. Water purification filtration system runs through the whole resort. Staff were very helpful and amazing. We will be back 🙏💙 the staff happily organized a scooter for us. It was exactly what we were looking for - thoroughly recommend

Withers, Australia April 2023 | Booking.com

A Wonderful Retreat with Everything one Could Want. This place is off the charts amazing in every possible way. We got the detox yoga spa retreat package, and we loved everything about it; the massages/scrubs were professional and deep, the food was fresh, organic, and expertly prepared, the yoga classes were abundant and there were great options for those new to yoga as well as more advanced. Sound healing is a big part of all they do here and there are great community activities that we attended as part of our package. People are great, the owner is involved, a great yoga community. And the yoga shalas overlook the ocean, the natural architecture and sculptures are magnificent, rooms are great, and the sauna, steam, cold and warm plunge baths and pool were awesome. It's a true sanctuary.

Karen, United States April 2023 | Booking.com

If you are looking for yoga, relaxation, massages, good food and a break, you are in good hands at the Udara. The food at Udara is really delicious and fresh. There is a great selection of food and drinks, which are always freshly prepared. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The schedule (yoga, events, cocoa ceremony) can definitely be seen. There are great different offers every day with qualified yoga instructors*inside including sea view. The massages + treatments (we had a face treatment) were great. We recommend Udara 100%. Tip: Udara has the very best chilled coconuts to drink 🙂

Denise, Germany March 2023 | Booking.com

A blissful experience to revitalize your soul. Fabulous place. Beautiful people, beautiful location. Udara is an amazing resort to unwind, relax and re-energise. The staff will make your stay easy and enjoyable. Dayu, Lisna and Ayu served the delicious food. Adi, Jumi,Wisnu,Tia, Mira Tuadi were all wonderful. Ayu gives awesome messages. Bella, Gus & Diana had great yoga classes. Thank you all❤️

Stuart, Australia February 2023 | Booking.com

Amazing, so much love and kindness. The perfect location for a healing trip, for body, mind and soul. Beautiful location and yoga shalas with breathtaking ocean views. Several classes everyday, perfect to mix your favorites with new classes. The instructors are really good and always make you feel welcome to every class. Fun events every week and Udara Sunday is a must-do! So much fun and easy to meet new people and friends. The spa is gorgeous and perfect if you want time to relax. Love the restaurant and the food is great. The absolute best thing about Udara is the staff, especially in the restaurant. Even though I was a solo traveler I never felt lonely. The staff always took good care of me, they’re so thoughtful and caring, like family. The staff at Udara will always have a special place in my heart. I spent two weeks here and I’m grateful for my experience at this beautiful place.

Camilla January 2023 | Booking.com

Absolutely perfect stay - if you’re looking for rest and relaxation in a quiet spot this is perfection. Everything! The room and the accommodation was amazing, the staff were so lovely and helpful and genuinely caring, the food was unbelievable and the location was nice and quiet but a beautiful beach sound and view. the yoga program and the instructors were great, and the massages phenomenal. The pool and sauna facilities were stunning. the photos online don’t do this place justice - I will be returning!

Kirsty, Australia January 2023 | Booking.com

This is the most unusual hotel in all my travels. I would call it a good world. If you are in Bali, then you must definitely visit it for at least 2-3 days. Yoga 5 times a day, food 4 times a day and massage every day. Very nice rooms and bed 3 meters

Светлана, Russia January 2023 | Booking.com

The perfect combination of relaxation, nourishment and movement! I loved the on-site spa facilities especially the ice bath and the heated pool which played the most beautiful music under the water whilst you floated! the room was beautiful and the outdoor shower was perfect!

Anonymous January 2023 | Booking.com

It was a wonderful yoga retreat experience. I came here for a yoga retreat. The package I purchased includes all meals, daily massage, and all yoga lessons. I can totally relax and enjoy the yoga classes without worrying about anything else. The staffs are friendly and accommodating. Loved the yoga classes, as well as the meditation class conducted by the resort owner. Their special yoga event was fantastic, i was able to unwind and enjoy my vacation.

Dawn, United Kingdom January 2023 | Booking.com

I've just spent a glorious week at Udara Bali. What a brilliant, caring and generous team- at reception, in all yoga spaces, in the restaurant, the gardens, the room service and the well-being area for daily massages (yum!). A totally chilled and magical place, with so many quirky spaces to explore and relax in. My time was made all the more special by making new friends- fellow yogis from all over the world- all coming together over food, yoga, ceremonies, dance, stories, laughs and exploring the local surroundings together.The choice and quality of yoga was great, with poses and adjustment for all levels. My favorite was Yin and Sound in the early evening in the sala overlooking the ocean and the setting sun. I'm also super proud to have explored aerial yoga each day and with guidance and support from the great teachers, learnt to trust that silk sheet with inversions of varying types. I strongly recommend Udara Bali and look forward to returning. Thankyou Udara team.

Jill Skromanis, Australia October 2023 | Google Review

Udara Bali has good location, easy access to reach, the view is also really good... the staff is very friendly💙💙 they sell crystals which are really affordable

Aurelia Yunis Tira, Indonesia October 2023 | Google Review

A perfect holiday. This holiday has far exceeded my expectations. The yoga is superb, the ambience, attention to detail and the completely relaxed vibe ... just so, so relaxing. The yoga studios are all open to the sea, the food is amazing, and the rooms are very authentic balinese and really comfortable. You can barely hear the air conditioning which is a big plus for me...The Sunday festival was a gorgeous surprise-great energy at it. TIl definitely be back. Perfection.

Jen O'Donovan, Ireland October 2023 | Google Review

It's a beautiful safe space here in Udara Bali. The team is so welcoming and they make you feel like home. I felt rejuvenated being here for a week and wouldn't want to leave this amazing place. I would definitely come back again. I also love the aerial yoga here which has a spectacular view and settings.

Mei Yi Tung, Malaysia October 2023 | Google Review

I visited this hotel for the aerial yoga class and to use their spa amenities and it is phenomenal. The most gorgeous view of the ocean while doing yoga and I was blown away by the pools that allowed you to listen to music while you float under water and the beautiful caves that you encapsulate their sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and plunge pools

Jordy Komesarook Google Review

I always come back to Udara as much as possible, because I get such amazing experiences at every event, the facilities are also good too (hot and cold water pool,sauna,etc). Also really love the sound healing and it's above my expectations. Udara has many Gongs, instruments, lots of singing bowls and some time ago I joined workshop sound healing workshop. very useful for me to get more education about singing bowl sound healing. Thanks Udara. Namaste 🙏

Elly Mee Google Review

I attended the Sunday festival at Udara. The yoga class was enjoyable and the instructor enthusiastic.. it makes a difference. The sound healing was relaxing and there was a good atmosphere amongst the group.

Citta Mayasari, Indonesia September 2023 | Google Review

This place is heaven on earth. The staff are so wonderful they greet you with a beautiful smile and great energy every day. The rooms are traditional, with comfy and firm mattresses. The facilities are incredible, sauna, steam room, watsu pools, cold plunge and ice bath. The yoga classes are amazing and the teachers are so lovely. Can't speak highly enough.

Sophie Sinagra Google Review

Amazing yoga experience and I've never had it anywhere. Relax and have fun. The instructors are very helpfull and fun.

Nur Hasanah Google Review

My encounter with Yoga has been an exceptional experience that I would recommend to anyone. It is a perfect blend of physicality, mental sharpness, and spiritual harmony that challenges and heals the body, mind, and soul concurrently. The physical poses (asanas) improve strength and flexibility, which are beneficial for overall health and wellness. Meditation and breathing exercises, which form an integral part of the practice, significantly enhanced my mental clarity, focus, and peace of mind. I noticed a positive shift in my stress levels and quality of sleep. What sets Yoga apart is its holistic approach that encourages mindfulness and a deeper connection with oneself. After each session, I feel revitalized, centered, and more in tune with my body. Despite its challenges, the tranquility I achieved outweighs any initial difficulties. In conclusion, Yoga is much more than just exercise; it's a lifestyle that fosters better physical health, mental wellbeing, and a greater sense of self-awareness. It is definitely worth exploring for anyone interested in improving their overall quality of life.

Vadim Novolotsky Google Review

I did an oxygen chamber. It was an exceptional experience and I highly recommend it. Yoga class, ecstatic dance and sound healing session on Sunday is one of the best I have been in Bali. Very friendly staff. I like this place and will be returning for sure.

Dolce Vita Google Review

From start to finish, my experience at Udara was nothing short of exceptional. Upon entering the property, I was greeted with warm smiles from the staff, who were incredibly friendly and accommodating. They made me feel like a valued guest and ensured that I was comfortable throughout my visit. My massage therapist was true professional and. She exhibited a high level of skill and expertise, and I truly enjoyed my massage. I will definitely be returning for all my future needs and services Udara offers.

Aida Dukich Google Review

Amazing relaxing day at Udara from Denpasar. Thank you for the very nice welcoming and for the reflexology massage with océan sound. I définivly recommand this place and i will come back to try the bedroms !

Amandine PUAUD Google Review

All I wanted was there!! I stayed 3 nights escape from city noise, Amazing relaxing place to stay, Yoga lessons all day long, except doing flying yoga with sunset view in a very open wooden pavilion, I enjoyed Yin & Sound Meditation as well with peaceful sunset begins and fire ends. Warm hospitality and nice staffs, especially the health food and fruit smoothies and outdoor massage facilities, Amazing!! Highly recommend stay at least 2-3 nights to fully connect to your body and soul.

Rongjun Tan Google Review

Amazing place, can’t wait to go back. I went for a 6-day (5 night) retreat package, had an absolutely amazing stay. The staff is really sweet, the food good, many options and healthy. The yoga lessons are too many to choose from (one of the reasons I need to go back - insert heart eyes) and professional staff. Also loved the different events they offer during evenings and of course the massages and treatments. Food & drinks: Lovely and healthy, enough options!

Suze Koelemij Google Review