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Body Treatment

Balinese Massage – Lulur scrub – Seaweed Yoghurt Mask

The royal princesses of Java have been doing this treatment since centuries as a beauty ritual to keep their skin soft, glowing and smooth. After a 60 minutes Balinese massage to relax your muscles and warm up your skin, the traditional scrub will be applied to your body. It is a mix of rice powder, turmeric, tamarind seeds and flowers which will leave a beautiful scent on your skin. The scrub is removing dead skin cells and promotes regeneration of the skin. The Seaweed Yoghurt mask will soften and hydrate your skin.

(120 Minutes / 500K)

Balinese Massage - Boreh Mask
The Boreh is an ancient Balinese healing medicine to combat cold, increasing the metabolism and warming the body. A paste of cloves, ginger, Babakan powder (the bark of a healing tree) and rice powder is applied to your skin after a relaxing hour of Balinese massage.

(105 Minutes / 425K)

Cool shower/Cold Plunge Pool - Aloe Vera Gel Mask - Mini Facial
This treatment helps to calm and heal the skin and reduce redness after being exposed to the sun. After cooling the skin with a cold shower and plunge in our cold pool, a cooling organic Aloe Vera gel will be applied gently to your skin. While the Aloe Vera mask is being absorbed, we will give you a short facial with skin cleansing, massage and Aloe Vera treatment.

(75 Minutes / 350K)

Balinese Massage – Coffee, Salt & Mint Scrub – Seaweed Yoghurt Mask
Starting with an hour of Balinese massage, a special scrub of crushed coffee, salt and mint aroma oil is going to address the areas of your tissues that might be affected by cellulite. It works like a detox for your skin, improving the blood flow and softening the surface of your skin. The following mask with Seaweed & Yoghurt helps to nourish your skin and cool your skin again after the deep scrub.

(120 Minutes / 500K)

Facial Treatment

Oily to Sensitive Skin
Cleanser – Fine Sugar & Oats Peeling – Face Massage – Cucumber & Honey Mask - Moisturizer
This facial is recommended for oily to sensitive skin. We use cucumber in the mask, which has astringent and mattifying effects on your skin.

(75 Minutes / 315K)

Normal to Dry Skin
Cleanser – Fine Sugar & Oats Peeling – Face Massage – Avocado Mask – Moisturizer
This facial is designed for normal to dry skin. We use natural, organic ingredients for our face peeling and mask.

(75 Minutes / 315K)


Spa Package

Balinese Massage – Lulur Scrub – Seaweed Yoghurt Mask - Facial
Indulge yourself in a truly beautiful journey of relaxation and feeling of being reborn.

(180 Minutes / 725K)

Deep tissue massage – Coffee Scrub – Seaweed Yoghurt Mask – Crown Chakra treatment
Give yourself the time to recharge your energy, to be fulfilled, energized and relaxed.

(120 Minutes / 625K)

Relaxing Balinese Massage – Lulur / Coffee Scrub – Sweet surprise
Experience quality time at Udara Spa with your beloved one, and create your personal healing journey with a beautiful sweet surprise after your treatments.

(120 Minutes / 900K)

Body Massage

Our signature massage is a combination of a Balinese massage with long strokes and the Swedish massage with palm kneading technique to relax your muscles and remove tensions in your body. Your whole body will feel renewed after this treatment.

(75 Minutes / 300K)

This treatment is a combination of Sport Massage and Hawaian Lomi Lomi massage. The therapist will use her forearms and elbows to massage the deeper layers of your tissues and stretch the muscles. This deeper pressure will help release tension in the muscles and fascia. It also helps you recover when you feel a bit sore after a workout.

(75 Minutes / 350K)

A smooth full body massage where the therapist uses warmed Basalt stones that glide across your body. The main aim is to relax the muscles and help with insomnia.


(90 Minutes / 360K)

After massaging with her hands, the therapist will use herbal pouches on your body to deeply relax you, relieve stress and fatigue. The natural herbs and spices in the pouch are locally sourced from Bali. The heated ingredients will be absorbed through the pores and leave a beautiful fragrance on your skin.

(75 Minutes / 375K)

This massage is a passive form of stretching your body and increasing your flexibility. The therapist will move your body and guide you into various stretches as well as press acupressure points and energy lines along your body. This is a great massage when you feel a bit stiff after a long flight. Please wear comfortable, loose clothes for this treatment.

(75 Minutes / 500K)

During this foot massage, the therapist will focus on pressure points on the sole of the foot which correspond to our internal organs. This helps to remove blockages and realign the energy in your body.

(60 Minutes / 250K)

This gentle massage is using a nourishing hair cream with Avocado and Aloe Vera and a traditional Balinese hair oil with herbs and flowers to hydrate the scalp and nourish your hair. The soothing head massage will also help you to calm your mind.

(45 Minutes / 270K)

Warmed oil is dropped continuously on the forehead and stimulates gently the point which is referred to as the “third eye”. This treatment helps to relax your mind & body and awaken your intuition.

(75 Minutes / 400K)