Special Event Ecstatic Sunset (3 Hours)


17.00 – 20.00 PM

Class Description

with Ritual Frequencies

Ecstatic Sunset has rapidly reached an iconic status at Bali’s dance scene. So does Ritual Frequencies, who has become the #1 in demand Ecstatic Dance DJ in Indonesia.
He has DJ’ed in every continent on earth. Also, at the best transformational festivals: Burning Man, The Gardens of Babylon, Epizode Festival, and so much more. 

He’s the Founder of Awakened Dreamers: Bali’s finest spiritual experiences hub. Ritual Frequencies has also founded Ecstatic Dance Brazil. He has DJ’ed in all major Ecstatic Dance hubs worldwide in the last 5+ years. His music is deep, sexy, uplifting, mystic, & hypnotizing. It will make you spiritually wet. Over and over again. 

He is a dancer himself. He knows exactly what’s needed to bring you into ecstasy. Effortlessly. His guided Cacao Ceremony is lead by shamanic teachings directly learned from his origins in South & Central America. It’s has the ideal alchemy between ancestral traditions & new age methodologies.

Ecstatic Sunset takes place only once a month. It’s limited to just 100 entries. So we have the perfect amount of space & people for the wildest dance floor ever. Are you ready to embark into the Ecstatic Sunset journey? It’s priceless & unforgettable.

– You receive all experiences listed below at Ecstatic Sunset:

 💃 Social Body Warm-Up

🧘 Intention Setting Meditation

🧉 Delicious Cacao Elixir

🎧 World-Class Ecstatic DJ

🪘 Live Instruments Featured

🦚 Shamanic Sound Healing

🏝 Beachfront Dance Floor

🔊 360 Degrees Sound System

🌅 Astonishing Sunset View

🤩 Ultra Euphoric State of Being

💝 Kindest Dance Community

🕯 Candle-Light Decoration

🏛 Embracing Circular Dance Floor  S auna In Community (Extra)

🦞 Seafood Barbecue (Extra)

✅ Our Guarantee For Your Experience: in case you don’t absolutely love your Ecstatic Sunset experience, you can receive a free pass for the next edition. No explanation needed – just let us know within the next day over his Instagram (page below). Guaranteed!

➕ Bonuses: if you join Ecstatic Sunset, you’ll receive first access to Awakened Dreamers future’s experience all around Bali – with discounted entries.

⭕  You can join Awakened Dreamers inner circle for their exclusive upcoming experiences – click here

📸 For more informations, you can visit Ritual Frequencies Instagram profile – click here

Early-bird price: 400K* IDR | 300K** IDR (until Sunday April 7th) for 20 tickets.

Pre-sale ticket: 550K* IDR | 450K** IDR (until Wednesday April 10th ) for 50 tickets.

Regular price: 700K* IDR | 600K** IDR (Thu. 11th & Fri 12th April).

*) Regular Price | **) Locals, KITAS holders and in-house guests


Jul 07 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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