18.00 – 20.00 PM

Class Description

with Siti Naturaleza

Full Moon is a potent time for ritual and intention setting. The journey begins with a cacao ceremony to reconnect you with your heart and spirit. While the medicine of the cacao lifts you up from within, Siti will take you on a deep mystical journey by bringing sound of rainforest and the Amazon to you through voice, the indigenous language of the Earth, sounds and the power of prayer. 

‍Siti has been working with Cacao Medicine for years, which is recognized as heart medicine, a nourishing substance that strengthens and cleanses the body.

She is taking you on a deeply mystical journey with ambient sounds, inspired by her connection to mother nature. Authentic, raw, a unique expression of the divine feminine. She is pouring all her heart into her art, creating an unforgettable experience that will touch you in the depths of your being. Fierce, yet soft. Powerful, ethereal, captivating.

You may experience a number of different sensations, including: visions, emotional shifts, release of blockages, answering questions, inspiration, a sense of connection with intuition, retrieval of memories, physical shaking/tingling, deep relaxation & calmness. 

At the end of the closing ceremony, she will share acoustic live music, singing circle and medicine songs that we all can sing together. Siti encourages her audience to discover their own voice and tap into the intuitive power of creation. Open their voices, open their hearts, connect with their true essence and be guided from this place of internal, ancient wisdom that we all carry within ourselves. By learning from the powerful and simple truth of Nature we open ourselves to understand our own essence through clearer lenses of our individual consciousness. Let’s bring harmony and warm loving vibrations to each other and to the universe.

About the Teacher:


Siti Naturaleza is an intuitive artist from Indonesia, who developed her musical in Europa. She began her musical journey guided by the energy of the wind. She has a deep connection with Mother Nature and uses her voice as medicine to heal and raise the vibration on this planet.Siti Naturaleza has already worked with various artists around the world and creates immersive ambient sound experiences. She blends organic down tempo with shamanic tribal influences. For her, it is about tuning into her audience to create an ethereal sound journey. She flows with intuition and deep attunement to her surroundings. Every performance is an expression of raw, authentic emotions to bring collective healing and sacred activism.

Pre-sale ticket: 250K* / 200K** IDR | At the door: 300K* / 250K** IDR

*) Regular Price | **) Locals, KITAS holders and in-house guests

* Limited access for 30 persons. Reservation is required. 


May 05 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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