Special Event Ecstatic Sunset (3 Hours)


17.00 – 20.00 PM

Class Description

with Manish

Ecstatic Sunset has rapidly reached an iconic status at Bali’s dance scene with its splendid location on the third floor overlooking the ocean. Manish will guide you through an opening cacao-ceremony to foster connection and heart opening, followed by an exquisite Ecstatic Dance set to free your body and mind. 

Hailing from the UK, Manish emerges as a dynamic force in the global music scene. With his diverse background in organizing events across Ibiza, London, Tulum, Goa, Costa Rica, Peru, and Bali, his soundscapes bear the unmistakable imprints of these vibrant locales.

Within Manish’s mixes, you’ll discover a tapestry of influences that traverse shamanic realms, resonant mantras, soulful downtempo rhythms, and the pulsating beats of tribal African House. Utilizing four decks in his exhilarating live DJ sets, he orchestrates a symphony of sound, seamlessly blending tracks teeming with deep bass, commanding vocals, and heart-opening instrumentation.

Prepare to be enveloped by Manish’s unwavering passion for music and his boundless enthusiasm for life. Surrender to the infectious energy he exudes as he beckons you to join him in an unforgettable journey of rhythm and movement.

The evening ends with ambient sound healing and a closing circle, where you let your experiences settle and integrate them in the heart of an uplifting community. 

Ecstatic Sunset takes place only once a month. It’s limited to just 100 entries. So we have the perfect amount of space & people for the wildest dance floor ever. Are you ready to embark into the Ecstatic Sunset journey? It’s priceless & unforgettable.

– You receive all experiences listed below at Ecstatic Sunset:

 💃 Social Body Warm-Up

🧘 Intention Setting Meditation

🧉 Delicious Cacao Elixir

🎧 World-Class Ecstatic DJ

🪘 Live Instruments Featured

🦚 Shamanic Sound Healing

🏝 Beachfront Dance Floor

🔊 360 Degrees Sound System

🌅 Astonishing Sunset View

🤩 Ultra Euphoric State of Being

💝 Kindest Dance Community

🕯 Candle-Light Decoration

🏛 Embracing Circular Dance Floor  S auna In Community (Extra)

🦞 Seafood Barbecue (Extra)

✅ Our Guarantee For Your Experience: in case you don’t absolutely love your Ecstatic Sunset experience, you can receive a free pass for the next edition. No explanation needed – just let us know within the next day over his Instagram (page below). Guaranteed!

➕ Bonuses: if you join Ecstatic Sunset, you’ll receive first access to Awakened Dreamers future’s experience all around Bali – with discounted entries.

⭕  You can join Awakened Dreamers inner circle for their exclusive upcoming experiences – click here

📸 For more informations, you can visit Ritual Frequencies Instagram profile – click here

Early-bird price: 400K* IDR. (until Sun 04th June) for 20 tickets.

Pre-sale ticket: 500K* / 400K** IDR (until Wed 07th June) for 50 tickets.

Regular price: 600K* / 500K** IDR (Thu 8th. & Fri 9th June).

*) Regular Price | **) Locals, KITAS holders and in-house guests


Jun 09 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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