Individual Detox Programs

Would you like to…

• experience a deep cleanse for your body and mind
• have a relaxed time-out by the ocean
• enjoy healthy juices and detox food
• alleviate the stress of modern living
• pamper yourself with various Spa treatments
• balance your body, mind and soul with various styles of Yoga
• go on an amazing journey back to yourself ?

Then one of our detox packages is a wonderful choice for you. Udara offers five different detox programs with various lengths between 3 and 30 days. The natural detoxification process which is created by fasting and detox food, various treatments and activities for body, mind and soul helps you to find your way back to optimal heath, well-being, vitality and balance.

During your time off you can enjoy the unique location and all amenities of Udara such as our warm & cold pools, sauna & steam room, walk on the beach, take time for yourself or meet fellow participants and other guests. Our experienced wellness assistants, Yoga teachers and the whole team of Udara are looking forward to assisting you on your detox journey.

It is our true wish that our programs at Udara help you feeling energized and well, happy to be in your body and strongly motivated to keep up a healthy lifestyle after your cleanse with us.

You can choose between the following programs:

Four Elements for Detox Retreat at Udara Bali

Unique 4 Elements Detox

The unique 4 Elements Detox Program helps to balance your body and soul in four different aspects: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each of the four elements contains its own unique properties, which work to create one united universe that we are part of.

Detox Retreat Healing Juice

Healing Juice Cleanse

Our Juice Cleanse Program will kick-start revitalizing your body, mind and spirit. This program includes daily Spa treatments to pamper and relax you, daily organic cold pressed juices, vegetable broths and healing elixirs, plus our special alkalizing supplements.

Moring Meditation part of Detox Retreat at Udara Bali

Mind Body & Soul Recharge

Calm your mind with meditations (included singing bowl meditation, Osho Kundalini Meditation and calming candlelight Yin Yoga after sunset), sacred Shamanic Healing Therapy, private Reiki session, sunset elements meditation on the beach and heart opening cacao ceremony.


Raw Food Reboost

Have you ever challenged yourself with eating Raw Food? It is about eating unprocessed and uncooked food so you get all the nutrients without unhealthy additives. The goal of eating more raw food is to obtain plenty of nutrients in an easy-to-digest manner, help to cleanse your body and boost your immune system.

New Life Transformation from Detox Retreat

New Life Transformation

This is our longest and most comprehensive program with healthy organic detox food (cold-pressed juices, salads and soups) and a combination of various styles of Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial, Water Yoga and much more) that will renew your body and bring calmness and peace to your mind.

  • All Detox Programs can be extended for the period of time that suits you. Duration of Programs can be adjusted.
  • All Detox Programs can be booked without accommodation – in that case the room price will be deducted. Prices for non-residential guests upon request.
  • In any of our Detox Program you can add the option of “Mobile and Social Media Detox” for free - we safely keep your mobile phone and notebook so that you can have some rest from digital distractions and practice being in the moment and connecting to the natural world.
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