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- Experience the powerful breathing method that leads you into deep relaxation and meditative states, and learn about its scientifically proven health benefits.

- JANUARY 11th & 25th, 2019 at 17,30 (Sunset Sessions)

- By Richard Ayling

- 150.000 IDR / Person


Make your own Jamu & learn about the benefits of the different herbal
ingredients used

What is Jamu? It is actually a form of Indonesian traditional herbal medicine which is
made from natural ingredients and materials found locally. The origins date back to
nearly 1300 years back in the Hindu Mataram Kingdom.
Nowadays, Jamu is widely used by many local Indonesian women and men alike as it used mainly for all kinds of common ailments, ranging from infertility to increasing libido.

People in the island of Bali and Java depend on these drinks for their health, energy,
strength, body-mind balance, and internal and external radiance which is not catching
up in the western world.

What you will learn:

You will learn all the basic information about the health properties from the herbal
ingredients used to make jamu, such as Ginger, Turmeric, Java Turmeric, Kaemferia
Galangal, Lemongrass, Tamarind. Experience the taste of Jamu and how to use it as an everyday drink for a healthy life style. You will also learn how to extract the active properties from the ingredients in a very simple way of boiling the ingredients and mixing accordingly for individual needs.

- January 12th & 26th, 2019

- Time 10.00 AM

- Duration 2 Hours

- Included: Welcome Herbal Tea, Bottled Jamu Take away, Recipes

Price: Idr. 250.000/pax
Private: Idr. 400.000/ pax . Minimum 2 Pax


- Slowly unravel and surrender to the nourishment of Yin Yoga supported by live, consciously performed music. In this special class the yin postures will allow you to explore the relationship between your body, breath and mind at a deeper level. As you hold each asana in stillness for several minutes, you will be supported in the pose by mindful music that is designed for that asana, allowing you to continually surrender into the complete pose on all levels - body, mind, heart and soul.
Inspiring songs and mantra1s will be performed using the acoustic guitar, beautiful vocals and atmospheric sounds to soothe and uplift you. As you listen and connect to the beautiful vibration of the music, holding the postures for an extended time becomes easier, allowing you to deeply let go both in your body as well as in your mind. The Yin sequence is tailored to target the connective tissues, balance your energy flow and guide you into a deep meditative journey. Join us in this very special heart-opening, meditative experience.

- JANUARY 27th, 2019 at 18,30 (Sunset Sessions)

- 160.000 IDR / Person

- Special Price for in-house guests, locals and KITAS holders


- Minimun Spend 150K get 1 person FREE Yoga Class

- Bring the Stamped bill to redeem the Free Class

- Valid One Month Only from the date purchased


- Check the Promotion at : www.udara-bali.com/detox


- Ticket 190K/person

- Special price for In-house guest and Kitas holder (IDR 130K/Person)

- Venue Secret place in Udara Resort with the sounds of the waves in the background

- Starting 19.30



- Price Rate 300K Nett/Person (Out Side)

- Special Prices for In House Guest 150K Nett/Person

- Limited Access 12 Tickets Only


- Only 100K/Pax nett

- All You Can Get

- Limited 2 Hours 11.30 am - 14.00 pm



- 7 pm

- Seafood BBQ Night Every Friday

- Start from 99++/person

- Open Salad Bar, ice tea

- Live Accoustic

- A la carte available on request