Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)

Dive into the world of Aerial yoga for a full week by the ocean at Seseh Beach in Bali. The Udara Bali Yoga resort provides the most beautiful location for an Aerial yoga teacher training with a spacious, open air shala with ocean view as well as a new indoor shala in our Lotus Temple. Join our head yoga teacher Martina Reinbold for a well-rounded Aerial Yoga Teacher Training that provides you with all the necessary tools and skills for successful teaching.

The course is 8 days (half day program on the first and last day) with 50 hours of in-house training and the possibility to stay on site at the resort or to join the course as a non-residential student. The training uses soft & stretchy Aerial silk hammocks, which provide a great support for a variety of poses.

Training Dates

50 training hours in person ~ 8 Days in Bali (Canggu/Seseh Beach)

Sun 13.- Sun 20. Oct 2024 – 50 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Dates for 2025 will be announced soon


  • 8 Days of training with 50 in person teaching hours
  • Training manual with more than 180 A4 pages and a series of video tutorials
  • healthy & nourishing meals during the training day including water, tea and snacks
  • Accommodation available in a cosy, spacious room at the Udara resort in single or double occupancy

Dive into the world of Aerial yoga for a full week by the ocean at Seseh Beach in Bali. The Udara Bali Yoga resort provides the most beautiful location for an Aerial yoga teacher training with a spacious, open air shala with ocean view as well as a new indoor shala in our Lotus Temple. 

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours

Dive into the world of Aerial Yin & Restorative yoga by the beach at Seseh Beach in Bali. The Udara Bali Yoga resort provides the most beautiful location for an Aerial yoga teacher training with a spacious, open air shala with ocean view as well as a brand new indoor shala in our Lotus Temple.

Aerial & Yin Restorative 25 hours

About the Lead Teacher


Martina Reinbold

After practicing yoga for several years, Martina started her yoga teaching career in 2012 with a 500 hrs Level 1 yoga training in Tiruvannamalai/India, followed by 300 hrs Level 2 training in Ubud/Bali. She continued her extensive yoga education with additional trainings in Yin yoga and Aerial yoga. Martina has been working in Wellness resorts in Bali since 2014 and is part of the Udara team since 2018. She loves sharing her knowledge in classes, workshops and as lead instructor for the Aerial yoga teacher training at Udara. She focuses on precise guidance and safe adjustment in a calm and warm-hearted teaching atmosphere. Martina likes to convey that Yoga goes much further than being a physical practice and she loves assisting people on their path to more vitality, wholeness and wellbeing.

Why should you choose the Udara Aerial yoga training?

  • Udara has the most beautiful Aerial yoga shala in Bali and provides an amazing atmosphere for a teacher training
  • We train in a small group of maximum 14 people and give you lots of personal attention
  • We do not have a brand that forces you to teach “our style”, but we give you a solid foundation to teach safely with confidence in your own, authentic way.
  • The training is fully offline and allows you to learn in a beautiful group atmosphere of likeminded people.
  • Adjustments, spotting and personal feedback for your teaching guaranteed!

Who can join this training?​

This teacher training is open for Yoga enthusiasts, Yoga teachers and fitness instructors who have a basic practice of Aerial yoga and are eager to learn more! We teach a variety of poses that are both fun and mindful, focusing on yoga asanas that use the support of the Aerial hammock, including inversions.

We will explore some flips and tricks, yet there is no pressure to perform any of the poses that you do not feel confident to do.
Please seek the advice of your health practitioner, if you have previous health conditions that may prevent you from practicing Aerial yoga safely.

Course Content

Aerial Yoga Basics

All you need to know about the material, rigging, safety considerations and terminology of Aerial yoga.

Aerial Yoga Practice

Practice theme based and focused classes in different styles such as vinyasa, hatha or restorative. Learn a huge variety of poses to stretch, strengthen and have fun with flying and going upside down.

Asana & Teaching Lab

Receive detailed instruction how to teach asanas on the ground and in the air with a variety of ways how to use the hammock in your practice. Learn correct alignment and useful ways to modify poses for various levels. Practice teaching your fellow students during the training and in a final teaching group at the end of the week (in English language).


We give you all the tools you need for sequencing the poses in order to design safe, fun and creative sequences for beginners and advanced students. Our main focus will be Hatha and Vinyasa sequences with the hammock on hip level.


Get a better understanding of how the human body works and what you need to know for a healthy Aerial yoga practice, including the use of inversions in a therapeutic way.

Teaching Methodology

We share helpful tools for teachers, how to improve your teaching language, hold space, manage the classroom, develop a successful teacher personality and your Aerial teaching profession.

Concept of Yoga

Deepen your understanding of the concepts of Yoga and how you can weave them into your Aerial yoga classes with meditation, pranayama, philosophy and concepts of subtle energy.

Adjusting & Spotting

Adjustments and spotting are valuable tool to deepen the experience of your students, guide them into correct alignment and keep them safe as they explore new movements and poses.

Bonus Content

• Aerial Yoga Massage – a wonderful technique with elements of Thai massage to relax your students in the Aerial yoga hammock.

• Practice Aerial Restorative – using the hammock on low height to practice longer held poses to stretch deeper layers of the tissues, calm the nervous system and deeply relax.

• Special events – get access to an amazing evening event at Udara and join the Udara Sunday event with Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing for free!

Study Material

You will receive a very extensive Aerial Yoga manual of more than 180 pages with all information covered in the training modules, pictures of 150 poses, extra video tutorials and further references for your study.

Sample Schedule

Udara Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

50 training hours in person ~ 8 Days in Bali (Canggu/Seseh Beach)

Sunday, Day 1

Welcome & Introduction into Aerial Yoga

15.00 PM

Aerial stretch & relax practice

19.00 PM

Monday, Day 2

Meditation & Pranayama

08.00 AM

Aerial Asana Practice

09.00 AM


11.00 AM

Teaching Methodology

13.00 PM

Tea & Snacks

15.00 PM

Asana & Teaching Lab

16.00 PM


18.00 PM

Sunday, Day 8

Final Round & Graduation Ceremony with Cacao & Kirtan

07.30 AM


09.30 AM

Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing

10.30 AM


13.00 PM

Sample Schedule

Day 1: starting at 15:00 with Opening Ceremony & Introduction
Day 2-7:
7:00  Breakfast
7:45  Theory class
9:00 Aerial Asana Practice
11:00 Brunch
13:00 Theory class
15:00 Tea & Snacks
16:00 Asana & Teaching Lab
19:00 Dinner
Day 8: ending with Graduation Ceremony & Closing circle until 11 am

Certificate :

After successfully completing the 50 hours training, attending the scheduled classes and showing your skills in a final teaching class (in English language), you will receive the certificate of completion in our graduation ceremony.

Fees & Payment:

Early Bird*

890 US$ tuition fee (including meals, water, tea & snacks).

1.450 US$ tuition fee, including full board & accommodation (7 nights) in a shared room.

1.555 US$ tuition fee, including full board & accommodation (7 nights) in a single room.

Regular price

980 US$ tuition fee (including meals, water, tea & snacks).

1.540 US$ tuition fee, including full board & accommodation (7 nights) in a shared room.

1.645 US$ tuition fee, including full board & accommodation (7 nights) in single room.

*) For sign up and payment 2 months before training start.

Payment Terms & Conditions: 

Secure your spot by paying a deposit of 200 US$ as soon as you sign up. All fees have to be paid three weeks before training starts. The deposit is fully refundable (minus the transaction fee) if canceled up to 45 days before the first day of the training. After that time the deposit can be transferred once to a future Aerial YTT of Udara. In case of sickness before training starts or travel restrictions, a partial refund of training fees may be issued. In the event that Udara Bali is forced to cancel one of its training, the paid fees can either be transferred to a future training date or be refunded. The refund does not include any travel expenses of the participant.

About the Location

The training takes places at the Udara Bali resort, located at Seseh beach (15 min from Canggu). Udara Bali is an integrated healing & yoga resort offering retreat, wellness and detox lifestyle to alleviate the stress of modern living. Nestled between the Indian ocean, rice fields and surrounded with ancient temples, Udara sets the mood for a relaxing stay.

Udara has become a major attraction point in Bali for Aerial lovers with its unique shala on the third floor overlooking the ocean. Besides Aerial yoga classes, Udara offers daily classes of various yoga styles, instructed by Western and local teachers, and weekly special events such as Cacao ceremonies, sound healing, ecstatic dance and much more.

Udara features four beautiful yoga shalas (three with ocean view, one overlooking the ancient temples) and a beautiful Spa with water healing pool, Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, warm Jacuzzi and cold water plunge as well as a meditation cave.

What our Students say

My experience is very good, the teacher brings very good lessons, the ambience is very nice, food is great, all training partners are helping each other, so try it!

Rusli from Medan, Oct 2022

Aerial Teacher Training at Udara Bali was an amazing experience for me. The facility and the hotel is the best yoga studio we could have. The view is amazing, the studio has all the facilities. You can't have a better space to practice yoga over the ocean. Everything was perfectly organized, the food was amazing, God knows we needed energy after so much training, learning, and concentrating. The staffs is extremely friendly, helpful, always bringing snack, food, and being there for us. The quality of the training is extremely good, I learned so much, the teachers, the students, everyone helped and gave advice, tips. I learned a lot, I never thought it would go that fast. It’s intense but well balanced with enough time to rest, to ask questions. Overall it was a long journey for me coming from France, I don’t regret at all the journey, the commitment and the time I spent. The energy that we had was amazing. I’m grateful and willing to learn more and keep training and start teaching. Thank you Udara Bali

Aurore from France, Oct 2022

Udara has been home for me, especially this past week. Everybody here embraced me as part of their family. Quality is beyond. Teachers, everybody, embraced me as one of their own, and they want me to succeed and just to graduate, do things on my own and become a good teacher, a good person, that's the most important thing. Thank you for everything Udara for taking me as part of your family.

Rae from Jakarta, Oct 2022

Saya sangat berterimakasih dan bersyukur bisa ikut kelas ini dengan ruang yoga shalanya yang di depan laut yang indah sekali. Lalu gurunya juga sangat berpengalaman dan mengajar dengan tulus dari hati. Bersyukur bisa ikut kesempatan Aerial yoga training di Udara Yoga. Terimakasih.

Ambar from Jakarta, Sep 2021

I finished the 50 hours Aerial training her in Udara. It was the perfect setting for this experience. The shala is beautiful, the whole space is really, really great. I am very grateful for amazing teachers, a lot of inspiration and an individual approach. I feel so much more comfortable with the hammock, I learned a lot! But I not only feel comfortable to play around in the air and fly, but also to guide others and share this amazing practice. I really recommend this course. It was a beautiful experience that for sure will stay with me forever.

Agata from Poland, Sep 2021

It was a wonderful journey with a wonderful leader. I enjoyed every day of our training. It was in this beautiful shala with this beautiful view to the ocean, and it was giving us so much energy. Martina is such a strong teacher. I loved all her care about us, how she was explaining us what to do, how she was sharing her knowledge. It was amazing. It’s like a once in a lifetime experience! I am very grateful that I took this course at Udara. All people of our group were so amazing. It was nice to experience the training with different nationalities, different types of people. We were so different, but at the same time we were like one big family. I enjoyed every day coming here, and sharing love and light and happiness here with all these people. The food was amazing, every day we enjoyed this amazing food – and thank you also for the vegan options. The whole training was really, really, amazing. I am so grateful that I was a part of it.

Daria from Lithuania, Sep 2021

Hello, I'm Noey from Jakarta. I joined 50 hours of Aerial Teacher Training at Udara. I got so many things from the training, not just knowledge but also comfort. The place is so cozy and beautiful. I also got an amazing teacher who's patient and always explained in detail, she wouldn’t mind repeating and explaining again if we haven’t understood yet. We got friends from many different countries, we felt like brothers and sisters despite the different languages and culture. All the best for Udara and Martina. Learning here at Udara is really fun, the owner is very kind and welcoming. Come and learn with Udara, you won’t regret it!

Noey from Jakarta, Oct 2022

Thank you Udara & Martina for this amazing aerial yoga course. I love everything, I love organization, and strong knowledge, I love that this course is suitable for beginners because there were some beginners in our group. This course is suitable for those who are already yoga teachers. I recommend everyone to join it. I have a great experience.

Ekatarina from Russia, March 2023

I came just to do it for myself really, no great aspiration to becoming a teacher because it's so fun and you get a great stretch. it's so accessible for people with lots of injuries like me. But after doing the course for 8 days, I feel like I could teach a class, in fact yesterday I did. I'm so grateful for Martina, the yoga teacher who ran the course. She's such a beautiful woman and she held space for us, she imparted all her knowledge to us, It's so much more than I expected it to be. I can't wait to come back and do another course here.

Kirsten from Australia, March 2023

For me it's such a big feeling of accomplishment, feeling like now I can teach, now I found a niche that I want to do. I just absolutely love aerial, especially with beautiful aerial yoga shala in Udara, there's nothing like it.

Var from Norway, March 2023