Terms & Conditions

for Udara Detox Programs

Before booking your detox program at Udara, please read and agree to the following policies and disclaimers.


All detox guests should have valid health insurance for the time of their travels to Bali. When you chose your health insurance company, we recommend that you include evacuation in the event of serious injury while you are travelling.


Udara Bali Resort asks for a deposit of 50% of the detox program fee in order to book a spot. In the event of a cancellation from your side, we do not offer refunds. The rest payment of the remaining 50% of the program fee is due upon arrival.

In order to qualify for the Early Bird Offers, the deposit payment is required +30 days before the program start.

For cancellations made within 30 days of the start of the program, Udara will not refund any payment. For cancellations made 31+ days from the program start, the full payment (less 125 US$ admin fee) can be transferred to another program to be taken within 6 months of the original date, subject to room availability. You can also transfer your credit to a friend who likes to join instead of you.
We do not offer any discounts for guests arriving later than planned or leaving before the end of the program.

If Udara must cancel a detox program for any reason, you may transfer your full payment to another detox program within 12 months (subject to availability), or you may request a full refund of your payments. In this case Udara is not responsible for any of your expenses incurred in preparation for the cancelled detox program (such airline tickets, loss of income or other costs associated with the preparation for your trip).

Together with the booking of your program, we ask you to fill an intake form online about your health and lifestyle in order to guide you safely through the detox program. The personal health information provided to Udara will be kept confidential. The files will be kept for planning and evaluation.

While a detox cleanse is beneficial for almost everyone, however we do not recommend it for those with critical heart conditions, diabetes or cancer. It is also unsafe for pregnant or lactating women. Please consult your doctor before participating in our program, especially if you have existing medical conditions or concerns.

As a customer, you agree that all information given before and during the retreat is true and represents your health accurately. It is important to know that you as a client are the only one who is responsible for your own health and well-being. The Udara Wellness Coaches and therapists are no doctors, but will guide you through the detox program in best way possible and support you.

Udara reserves the right to cancel the participation in the detox program if the guest fails to disclose any medical or psychological conditions, without giving any refunds. These conditions may include Pregnancy/Breast Feeding; Diabetes; Blood Sugar Imbalances; Colon Disease; Heart Disease; Mental Illness or Eating Disorders.

We truly wish that you are ready to join us on a transformational journey towards health, balance and well-being.