This program allows you to detox your mind and body - it goes beyond just a juice cleanse.

Calm your mind with meditations (including singing bowl meditation, Osho Kundalini Meditation and calming candlelight Yin Yoga after sunset), private Reiki session, sunset elements meditation on the beach and heart opening cacao ceremony (for 14 days program). Give your body a treat and de-stress your mind from life’s routine with special Spa treatments, including Aroma Therapy massage, Ayurvedic Shirodara massage, Balinese Boreh (body wrap with special spices) and traditional Balinese full body oil massages.

One of the highlights of this program is a very unique Water Healing treatment in the 35°-degree warm water pool of Udara, a combination of massage, joint mobilization and stretches, which can be a profound journey of healing and relaxation for body and mind. The program also includes visiting a local Balinese Healer and receiving a traditional Balinese Water blessing at a sacred temple.

And of course, complete your detox with Yoga sessions in various styles and some downtime to relax by the pool and in the sauna!

Do you connect with others online but find that you often disconnect with the real world? We offer you to add the option of “Mobile and Social Media Detox” - we are happy to safely keep your mobile phone and notebook so that you can have some rest from digital distractions and practice being in the present moment with all the beauty that the natural world has to offer.

What is Included in the 14 days program (13 nights)

Inclusion Per-Person

- 13 Nights Accommodation

  (Check-in 14:00, Check-out 12:00)

- Full menu daily detox meals,

  including fresh organic cold-pressed

  juices, smoothies and evening soups

- 1 break the fast plate on the last day

- Daily coconut water & herbal teas

- Daily detox herbs & supplements

- Daily unlimited Alkaline Water

- Daily care by our Wellness Coaches

- 2-3 daily Yoga sessions in different

  styles, including peaceful candle light

  evening Yin Yoga

- Osho Kundalini Meditation

- 1 private Reiki session

- 1 private Water Healing Treatment

  (also known as Watsu)

- 6 Balinese full body oil massages

- 1 Aroma Therapy Massage

- 1 Ayurvedic Shirodara Massage

- 1 Balinese Boreh

  (body wrap with special spices)

- Trip to a Balinese Traditional Healer

- Water Blessing Ceremony at

  a sacred Temple

- Singing bowl meditation in sauna

- Cacao Ceremony

- Lecture about health, detox, nutrition, mindfulness and self-love

- Free access to Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pools

- 10 days of self-administered enemas

- Udara Health Detox Program Handbook

- Gift Bottle for Alkaline Water

- Free use of our Vintage Bicycles

- One Way Airport Transfer

  • All Detox Programs can be extended for the period of time that suits you. Duration of Programs can be adjusted.
  • All Detox Programs can be booked without accommodation – in that case the room price will be deducted. Prices for non-residential guests upon request.
  • In any of our Detox Program you can add the option of “Mobile and Social Media Detox” for free - we safely keep your mobile phone and notebook so that you can have some rest from digital distractions and practice being in the moment and connecting to the natural world.
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