Yoga Teacher Biography

Yoga Teacher Kartana in Bali Biography


Classes at Udara: Hatha Yoga

Kartana grew up in a small village in Bali. He has practiced Yoga since 2006 and he loves Vinyasa Yoga. His Yoga practice has given him a strong determination and the ability to accept the ups and downs of life with equanimity.


Jane Patricia

Classes at Udara: Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa

Jane Patricia’s approach to teach derives from her belief that yoga is accessible to everyone. She is known for her hands on approach, enthusiasm, and joy for the practice. Her personal style of teaching yoga draws attention to breath, fun sequences, and most importantly safe alignments and adjustments that suits individual students.

Her Aerial classes are a great start if you haven’t done it before, as she is teaching it in a very safe and precise way.


Ani Mirawati

Classes at Udara : Hatha Yoga

Ani Mirawati is Balinese and was born in Tabanan in 1977. She has a professional background in tourism and has been working for different resorts and villas before turning into a Yoga Teacher. Since 2014 she started following and joining her husband to practice Yoga at the Yoga Barn in Ubud and soon noticed how good Yoga felt for her body to build strength, flexibility and balance for her mind in order to maintain health.

Ani proved her passion in Yoga by completing a 50 hrs and 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Udana Yoga Bali (accredited by the Yoga Alliance). She always keeps practicing and teaching since Yoga has become part of her life journey.


Komang Mertayasa

Classes at Udara: Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa

Komang Merta has taught Yoga since 2005 in many hotels and villas in Bali from Nusa Dua to Ubud with different levels from beginners to advanced classes. He is both teaching small individual groups and large scale groups, combining various kinds of Yoga movements to meet the individual needs of the Yoga participants.

Merta is trained from Surya Candra Bhuana (Energy Yoga Bali) and is experienced in various other styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as Thai Yoga massage, Energy Kundalini Yoga and meditation.


Gus Wira

Classes at Udara: Healing Pranayama Yoga, Healing Flow, The Secret of Kundalini Yoga

Gus Wira got to know Yoga from his father who was practicing Yoga everyday at home to get well. Gus got interested in Yoga only when he grew older, especially as he found out for himself that Yoga can address various sicknesses and helps to control mind and emotions.

Besides having completed his Yoga teacher training, Gus Wira is also trained in acupuncture and acupressure. His unique way of teaching includes physical postures, body movement and breathing techniques (pranayama) with a strong focus on energy work. Gus sees Yoga as form of therapy and healing for body, heart and mind.


Cherry Lie

Classes at Udara: Yin Vinyasa

Cherry Lie was born and grew up in Jakarta. Before becoming a yoga teacher, she worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years. In 2011 she was looking for way to manage her busy life and started taking yoga classes. With her Yoga practice she was not only learning about asanas but more importantly to accept herself and to balance her emotional life. She began to realize that her journey brought her to Yoga not only as form of exercise but that Yoga has an amazing value off the mat as well. Cherry believes that Yoga practice can help us to connect with our soul and the universe. In 2018, Cherry decided to take a Yoga teacher training of 200 hrs with YogaFX. She changed her career to become a teacher offering a variety of yoga classes in Vinyasa, Hatha and meditation. She is happy to help people to get benefits from Yoga for their body, mind and soul.



Classes at Udara: Vinyasa Yoga & Prana Flow

Satya has graduated from Raja Yoga Asana and Philosophy, Hindu University and has completed his 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Ananda Marga Bali. He offers a variety of Yoga classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation as well as Reiki, Thai Chi and Callisthenics sessions. His classes invite students to deepen into their practice while also respecting their comfort level. He also teaches Reiki, breathing and meditation techniques which are regularly incorporated into his classes.

He started practicing and learning Yoga in 2006. For him Yoga is a holistic spiritual path though the eight limbs of the Yoga practice and he brings this philosophy into his classes. Satya loves sharing his knowledge that the Yoga practice brings more awareness, internal calmness and increases the energy level (prana) into higher realms of consciousness. For him, Yoga is a moving meditation.



Classes at Udara: Hatha, Mindful Yin

I Wayan Sumartha, called Yansha, was born in Klungkung (Bali) in 1972 and has known the term Yoga since he was in the 6th grade elementary school where he got a book about Yoga. He was very interested in studying the movements and doing them as best as he could and every time he did his prayers in the afternoons he started doing breath exercises. But Yansa did not dare to deepen further because at that time he did not have a mentor. The years before really plunging into the world of Yoga, he suffered from chronic pain and finally took up a regular Yoga practice again in order to escape from chemical drugs. Slowly his physical and mental condition improved and the desire to share his experiences encouraged him to share the benefits of Yoga asanas and meditation with the community.

He is one of the graduates of the 200 hrs of Yoga Teacher Training organized by the Yoga Foundation and Meditation of Ananda Marga under the guidance of Master Manohara and Sanyasi Dada Vibhakarananda. Yansha teaches Yoga classes at several companies and studios in Bali. His aim is to show people how to live healthy with Yoga.


Martina Reinbold

Classes at Udara: Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

Martina started practicing Yoga in 2006 and over the years it became an important part of her life. She was trained as a Yoga teacher 2012 from Samvit Sagar Yoga School in Tiruvannamalai/India (500 hrs, Hatha Yoga according to Swami Sivananda), from Shakti Spirit Yoga in Ubud/Indonesia (300 hrs Level 2, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative and Vini Yoga) and in 2015 with Tina Nance Yoga in Ubud (100 hrs, Yin Yoga). After travelling to Bali during a sabbatical year where she fell in love with the island, she decided to move to Indonesia in 2014 and started working for Wellness Resorts on the island, teaching Yoga & meditation, giving Aquatic bodywork sessions (also known as Watsu) as well as organizing and facilitating retreats.

Her in depth qualifications as a Yoga teacher, completed by several stays in Ashrams and various workshops, allowed her to deepen her own practice and provided her with knowledge and experience to offer a versatile array of classes in different styles for all levels of practitioners. She focuses on precise guidance and safe adjustment in a calm and warm-hearted teaching atmosphere. Martina likes to convey that Yoga goes much further than being a physical practice and she loves assisting people on their path to more vitality, wholeness and wellbeing.



Classes at Udara: Yoga Teacher & Detox Coach

Violetta has started her Yoga journey traveling through India in 2013. The philosophy and culture of this magic country touched her heart deeply. She spent more than a year in a small traditional Hindu Ashram in the Himalayas living with monks and practicing Yoga, meditation and different cleansing rituals.

Violetta completed her 500 hours certified Yoga Teacher Training Course (Hatha and Ashtanga) at the well-known Shiva Yoga Peeth School in Rishikesh. After finishing her training she continued traveling and started teaching Yoga and sharing her knowledge on the beautiful island Samui in Thailand.

To deepen her practice she participated in several Yoga courses and workshops and also experienced a Vipassana meditation in a Buddhist temple. While living a healthy lifestyle she became more interested in nutrition and started assisting detox retreats at different resorts in Asia. She completed courses of the Health Sciences Academy and became a nutritionist in 2017.

In 2018 Violetta visited Bali and felt that it was her new home to be. She continued teaching Yoga and meditation and started offering Water Healing sessions at Udara. Violetta came to Yoga through philosophy and strongly believes that Yoga is a spiritual inner journey rather than just being a physical practice.



Classes at Udara: Aerial Yoga

Sarah is an Egyptian Yoga Teacher certified from YogaWorks school in California, AcroYoga International L2 Teacher, Therapeutic Flying and Thai Massage teacher, Aerial Yoga L2 teacher, Gong meditation facilitator, an aspiring fire performer and artist.

She studied Media, Philosophy and Theatre at the American University in Cairo. Her yoga journey started in 2011 when she was studying Indian philosophy and got fascinated by the yogic philosophies. Soon she attended her first yoga class and fell in love with the practice at first pose!

After teaching yoga in Egypt for 4 years, opening her own yoga studio and establishing the AcroYoga Egyptian community, life took her to the beautiful island of Bali. She has a passion for being upside down and connecting with people through movement and play.